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Poppin’ In On Plantgasm


Sempervivum sun puppy

A couple weeks ago we dropped in on Derek  fellow SF plant blogger of fabulous Plantgasm to check out his crazy plant fest, and exchange some Kalanchoe itty bitty babies (they’re doing well). His tropical plant junky booty is currently traveling around Thailand on a whirlwind  tour with awesome Gayla Trail (first plant book I ever bought was You Grow Girl). I’m envious big time. Puppy face is just chillaxing in front of a sweet wall of Sempervivums.

Wooly Wall of Wonder

Derek’s Wooly Pocket wall is looking fabulous!

Check out that view!


Derek’s got not one, but two balls of freaky seaweed stuff that’s so adorable I want a ball of my own.

Succulent Container Fest

Hello succulent containers! Just about every sweet succulent you could want it jammed lovingly in this sunny container. Check out all our cool pics we took at Derek’s plant heaven here. Have an awesome trip Derek!


  1. Aw, thanks, Megan! You make my plants look great!

  2. so awesome! there are corners of my home that look very similar (the tropicals, not the succulents)
    I have a wall aerium, but I love the hanging ones in the window too – gotta get me some!

  3. You can break marimo into pieces, it will regrow. I have one in my fishtank!

    Also, i loooove all of your succulents, and I bought those same Pottery Barn candle holders with some hanging succulents for my parents house.

  4. Oh so spectaculahhhhh! I just saw the photostream – oh my! D’s got some really rad stuff goin’ on. I wish I had some of those indoor growing skills! I am really loving that wooly wall! :) And my, that marimo looks quite cuddly! :)

  5. Wow love that succulent pot! And I checked out Derek’s blog. What a cool guy. His blog is great and I can’t wait to see how his Thailand trip goes. And the Wooley pocket idea is awesome! I have a hard time with intense heat here though. My backyard is not situated right to have one. At least I have not figured out a way yet. But I’m still thinking!

  6. LOVE the Woolly Pocket wall. Looks awesome! I killed all my plants in my Woolly Pocket. I didn’t water anything while writing my book. You can’t tell anyone that, though. If word got out that a supposed green thumb killed lots of plants…. ;-)

  7. Way to make Darth look sexy again.

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