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Trip To The Tea Garden


Japanese Tea Garden

Maybe once or twice a year I shell out five bucks, and hit up the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. It’s worth every penny. Oddly, Matti’s only been once since we moved here (I can recall at least five visits myself). Last week I had a weekday off, and checked it out (sadly without Matti). I blogged about it early last May, too. Looks like there was a lot more Iris action going on then, but the cherry blossoms were still workin’ it this visit.

Cherry blossoms!

This sounds horrible, but I don’t get crazy excited about white flowering trees like the cherry above. They’re pretty and all, but Matti and I need to go back for Irisfest in a couple weeks. Tall purpley blooms are more our thing (Matti’s not in to white flowers either).

Japanese pagoda action

Crazy conifer

I wish I knew more about conifers, but I’m not so good in that department except for my obsessive love for awesome Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’ and the basic natives around town. Anyone know what this one is?

Pretty Pieris japonica

I’d almost completely forgotten about this colorful, shrubby guy with cute little lily of the valley like flowers.


What the heck is this? I’m still curious if it is in fact a UFO topiary. I really hope it is. Didn’t go too crazy with the picture taking. You can check out all my pics from the visit are on flickr here. Next time Matti will go with, I promise.


  1. Very pretty. Pieris japonica seems to be very popular with the landscaping firm employed by my university because the campus is virtually covered in it.

  2. so sad about the white flowered trees.

  3. It might just be a UFO topiary. LOL! I can’t imagine anything else that would be shaped like that. Then again, each plant and its location is well thought of by the Japanese and full of meaning. If it were indeed a UFO, what message was the gardener trying to impart? That the Japanese gardener was an alien of the USA? ;-P

    • So it turns out it’s not a UFO… I’m a little sad. It’s really a topiary representation of Mount Fuji. Love your hilarious theory though!

  4. Hahaha that UFO topiary cracked me up! I have no idea what it could be. But the garden is glorious and no wonder you visit so often. I love iris season too. It reminds of living at home and my Mom got addicted to growing them. We went to this hybrid iris farm and she got tons of great bulbs. For a long time we had the most beautiful iris’s. Sadly she is gone and so are they.

  5. But I do get crazy excited about white cherry blooms? :)

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