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Succulent Table Filling In


It's growing!

In early February Matti blogged about his super sweet succulent table, well it just keeps getting better and better! Everything is filling in nicely. The Sempervivums are starting to pop out itty bitty babies, and the Sedum spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’ is about to bloom. Click on pics for a closer view.

January 23, 2011

April 16th, 2011

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  1. Ooooo….fun. Great place to bring your snacks and coffee back from JavaBeach!!!

  2. looks great! love the table idea!!

  3. Looking good! Here is my attempt, as inspired by you…I hope you can see the photo on Facebook…


  4. Very cool. Someday, I will hav e to try making this .

  5. Looking good! *thumbs up*

    I followed the link to the DIY post. I’m still trying to figure out if I can get away with a bigger one, table that is. Keep the low-lying plants in the middle and have a forever centerpiece.

    • Funny you mentioned doing a table. I have been asked to make one for a weekend party just south of here. The one I am doing for the party will still be more of a inspiration piece, but a fully functional table can be used. Planning on making that as the third table.

      • I’m ashamed to admit that my wife has more DIY skills than I do and that the table project will most likely go to her. I was thinking of a succulent table to replace the one we currently use for coffee al fresco. I hope you share your ideas and pictures for your party table.

  6. It looks amazing! Succulents are so awesome on there growth. Hey can you tell me what the succulents are in your planter that are about 3 or so inches tall and kind of bushy? There is a big one out of focus in the bottom right.

  7. Someday when I have a real live back yard I’m buying one of these tables! In the meantime, I’m coming over for beers soon……

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  9. Very cool. I dig it.

  10. That is an idea worth imitating. It looks wonderful. I’ve seen succulents in smallish planters, but never thought of building them into a table.

    Diana of EE

  11. I like the idea very much. Colours are so very good . Sort of table I would like to sit with a cup of tea. Inspiers me to do something creative with my succulets.

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