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Sweet new pillows.

Our Sweet new pillows.

You never know where the garden world is going to take you.  We were out and about looking at some cool indie crafts down in Hayes Valley (SF), and these awesome octopus pillows caught our eye.  That’s were we met Tin of Utiltarian Franchise.  Turns out that not only does Tin design the coolest pillows ever, he also is an avid gardener.

Staghorn Ferns with Succulent Wall

Staghorn Fern Grotto with Succulent Wall

A week later, we headed over to check it out.  OMGosh, hands down…Tin’s garden is incredible.  For the past two years, he has been filling every nook up and down with tons of succulents, bros and epiphytes.

Bros and succulents

Bros and succulents

Tin plays a lot with color and texture.  Also without the ability to chop up the concrete, he uses a bunch of containers and vertical wall panels.

Succulent Wall.

Succulent Wall.

Such as these sweet panels he made including the frames.  So what does Tin do with his old serography screens when they are past their prime?  He makes them into vertical walls.  Man, I really wish I would have come up with that…it’s brilliant.

San Francisco in succulents.

San Francisco in succulents.

Oh, and love the stags too.  Also, <3 those hanging letters.  He has collected enough letters to almost spell out San Francisco too…sans the F.

Sweet succulent containers.

Succulent containers.

BTW as always, there are more pics of Tin’s work on our Flickr.

Big, bad A succulent panel

Big, bad A succulent panel Bromeliad Tree.

Geez, I want this succulent wall.

Bromeliad Tree.

Bromeliad Tree.

Okay, so there’s a lot to take in at Tin’s garden…and can’t wait to head back.  Wanting more info on Utilitarian Franchise designs, check out this SF Gate article.  Hey Tin, we love the pillows and thanks for the tour.

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  1. WoW! Best ever succulent walls I have ever seen.

  2. He’s got a great name too! I think I like San Rancisco much better! These are very cool – love the wall hangings. I bet you were in succulent heaven!

  3. Do you happen to know how the “San Rancisco” letters were made? Is it similar to putting together a succulent wreath? I would love to try something like that.

  4. After dwelving into Tin’s garden and analysticizing its beauty, I have determinated it is fabulous!


  5. finding a new garden..we’re everywhere!

  6. those pillows are fantastico! and i love his garden. *rancisco was way cool! fun place and wonderful artist! they usually go hand in hand!

  7. Gorgeous! love the sf name spelled out in moss/succulents…

  8. Love love love the frames.

  9. Thanks for the intro to Tin’s pillows and his amazing garden. Great idea to use the carabiners to hang the frames.

  10. does his garden grow in the outer sunset where its damp and foggy? if so he has done a great job with the succulents in the fog and damp. please let me know.

  11. * Standing O! * :)

  12. Wow, what an incredible place! This guy is an awesome succulent gardener. I would have been looking around with my mouth open. I love that epiphyte wall also!

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  14. Tin,
    Can your pillows stay out in the elements? Are they painted and sewn?

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