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May Bloom Day Merriment


Viola Village

Hurray for May Bloom Day! Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! Our backyard is the bloomiest it’s EVER been. People at work have said I’ve crossed over to “Flower Floozy” land, and I think they might be right even though I keep denying it. This container is full of Viola ‘Tiger Eyes’, Viola nigra ‘Bowles Black’, Viola ‘Etain’ with Satureja douglasii (Yerba Buena) creeping around. There’s some Aeoniums hanging out, too.

Echium wildpretii continues to rock!

Container experiment

This is our blue/orange container I planted back in early April. I’m liking it so far. There’s a bumble bee checking out Linaria reticulata
. I’m hooked on the Cerinthe retorta and Cheiranthus x allionii.

Ageratum corymbosum

Echeveria amoena adorableness

Digitalis obscura "Sunset Foxglove"

Sedum angelina blooming

Fuchsia boliviana

Lathyrus odoratus 'Cupani'

Fuchsia 'Fanfare'

Papaver commutatum 'Ladybird'

Othonna capensis ‘Little Pickles’

Clarkia breweri

Phygelius capensis ‘Magenta’

Calendula officinalis ‘Bronzed Beauty’

Dudleya & Aeoniums


  1. I took one look at your photo of Echium wildprettii and immediately guessed that you must be in San Francisco. You’ve definitely achieved a “sense of place”! Your foxglove and poppy photos are charmingly framed, and I’m not sure whether any photo of that Ageratum could fail to impress.

  2. love that papaver bud opening.

  3. There’s a lot of gorgeousness going on here. I like your whimsical garden art too.

  4. I love viola ‘Bowles Black’–excellent color. I now have it seeding all over.

  5. Merriment indeed! Beautiful, happy flowers, all of which I enjoyed.

  6. What a nice post from a very different garden! I like your Calendula and Sedum most!
    Thank you very much for participate the german GBBD!
    Have a nice evening!

  7. Echium , always seem to see that one in all the California post. Pretty cool!

  8. My Echium wildprettii is doing its thing too but I didn’t add it to my bloomday post. How can you not be impressed by that plant?! And your bowl with the the yerba buena violas is pretty darned cute too. Happy bloomday!

  9. Of all the amazing blooms, I’m zeroing in on othonna and Digitalis obscura. Need to get those two. Happy bloom day!

  10. What interesting blooms and so different from Maine! Thanks for warming me up on a cold wet day. So nice to connect with you!

  11. This post doesn’t exactly make a strong case that you’re not a flower floozy. Lots of great flowers and I have a feeling that Echium wildprettii might be an indicator species for flower floozies. Can’t get much more over the top. I’ve always wanted to grow one.

  12. I too am impressed with your post… the photography is great and I particularly like the many succulents! This is great! Larry

  13. Beautiful shots of your sedums.

  14. I really like your unusual plants, especially the golden sedum angelina. It’s a nice contrast to the large succulent nearby. And a great photo of the emerging ‘ladybird’ poppy!

  15. Oh my, those things that won’t grow in CT – echium, echeveria, excelling in elegance!

  16. You just reminded me that I have ‘Bowles’ Black’ in bloom too, and forgot to post it! I like it your combination with ‘Tiger Eyes’ And love the succulent plantings – so many interesting colors and textures.

  17. Wow… what a great selection of blooming plants! I love them. However it was Calendula officinalis ‘Bronzed Beauty’ that has stolen my heart here! Great photos :-)

    Happy Bloom Day from Scotland :-)

  18. Your blooms all look outstanding! As usual Matti and Megan your garden is beautiful. Hey, where did spring go. We are getting dumped on and a big hail storm damaged a bunch of my succulents. But they will survive!

  19. That Papaver commutatum ‘Ladybird’ is lovely…

  20. Dear Megan, dear Matti,
    Your garden is really amazing. Everytime I go back on your blog, everytime I dream to have a walk in your garden. I’ m jealous : I would like to have an Echium big flower on my rooftop too !
    Congratulations for your nice new blog template, it’s a fresh “summer” look :)


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