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Square Hangy Thing


Complete, and will take some time to grow roots.

This is how it looked back then.

Almost a year ago, I planted this metal pot rack into a succulent hanging thing. Lots of little cuttings, lots of sphagnum moss, lots of potential. Well, it’s all grown up now. Not exactly what I expected, but enough to salvage.

Here's what it looks like now.


Here it is today. It has been neglected for some time now.  Definitively in need of a haircut and a little refill. Oh, another issue I have found. That hemp type twine I’ve been using to hold it all together? It has been failing…basically rotting away a little faster than expected. Like the time the mirror held up with the twine fell and crushed our Clianthus puniceus. I wasn’t too concerned at that moment because I really didn’t know what Megan planted, but I love the guy now that he has recovered.

Ever since, I’ve been systematically going around the garden and replacing that hemp twine with wire. At least it should take more than a year before the wire rusts away.

A little fluffing.

A little fluffing.

A little fluffing and it’s looking sweet again, better than ever.

Looking sweet again.

Looking sweet again.

I can’t wait for another 3-6 months to pass to see what happens next. Hey, these succulents are all alive and need the occasional haircut / TLC to get them looking all cool again. Same thing with our planted containers.

Excited that we made it.

Be somebody.

While I was spicing up this succulent hanging thing, Megan picked up this cool Petunia hybrid, the Phantom Petunia. Turns out it was the same Petunia on the cover of the Garden Gate magazine that showed up that day. No way!

Time for an obscure reference. Holding this plant along with the magazine instantly reminded me of a certain movie where Steve Martin held up a drink with a bamboo umbrella next to a magazine stating…”Be somebody”. Yeah, that Petunia made me feel like Somebody. Any takers on the movie? – Far Out Flora


  1. Is that from the movie LA Stories? I’m interested in that Petunia. Look forward to hearing how it does for you guys.

  2. Spagnum moss? Could I try that with coconut fibre?

  3. i think i saw an aeonium in there somewhere.

  4. What a great way to grow succulents…excellent! Welcome to Blotanical!

  5. Hey Kelly, you are close, but not quite. I see that Peter from Cactus Jungle got the movie reference right. BTW, love LA Story. Watched it recently, and still good. Matti

  6. yep, sphagnum…the dead dried stuff you find…not the living plant. I haven’t tried it with coconut fibre, but I think I will be working with coir this weekend which is about the same thing.

  7. Screw the petunia (no offense, petunias….): Check out that tower of jewels. Gorgeous, love ‘em. They’re going off right now on the south side of Strawberry Hill.
    ps: nice new blog layout. Very pretty!

  8. I look forward to seeing how the Petunia grows for you. Where I work we’re carrying ‘Phantom’, ‘Pinstripe’ and ‘Black Velvet’ and I think so far that ‘Phantom is my favourite of the three.

  9. That shot of Steve in The Jerk brought back funny memories! What a funny movie. I love your succulent square thingy! LOL Hey I thought of something. What about trying heavy test fishing line to hold stuff together? Just a thought.

  10. hi!

    i am no expert in plants and I’ve honestly never grown any. But I live in a dessert country now so I desperately want to see some pretty green living things in our flat. Could you post anything/suggest plants that could thrive inside the house (because the temperature outside is like 49 degrees Celsius at times). Please….We wuld very much appreciate it!

  11. Ha! Love your coincidence with the Petunia and your thoughts on “Being Somebody!” Hope it does well for you…love your blog image and name. Look forward to seeing/reading more…

  12. Yes these phantom petunias are interestings, we got them for the first time at the greenhouse this year. Would hope that they were more black then dark purple, but thus is life. What I’m more interested in is that huge red column of flowers. Incredible. Tropical echium? Must be nice to garden in the south, Victoria is mild but we still need the aid of a greenhouse once in a while.

    • That Echium wildpretii is stunning, and the white elephant in the garden. My fav was when it first started to flower (it seemed to grow a foot a day [ok not that quick..but]) our neighbor asked when did we get the flowering Xmas Tree? Still chuckling.

  13. The US Botanic Gardens models something more elaborately floriferous and hose intensive:

    Love that succulents can stand up to a bit of neglect! Love this.

  14. Bingo! Great image I found from Charlie Pineapple of the image from the movie. Be Somebody. http://charliepineapple.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/the-jerk-hd-dvd-20070518110047977-000.jpg?w=460&h=276

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