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Fort Funston’s Wildflower Freakout


Abronia latifolia

Last Sunday morning Matti, Max and I hit up Fort Funston about four miles south of our place for some wildflower hunting. Thanks to Anni J. at Annie’s, know that the above clump of round yellow blooms is Abronia latifolia, or Sand Verbena. It’s very succulenty. According to Las Pilitas Nursery it likes to be really, really close to the beach, like a couple hundred feet from the surf close. It’s also the sole food source for the almost endangered Copablepharon fuscum or Sand Verbena moth.

Dudleya farinosa

This is why we really came to Fort Funston. It’s Dudleya flowering season which means you can actually find them via their red stems and flowers all over the place. Sweet! Pretty sure these are all Dudleya farinosa. We saw some less frosty green guys, too.

Cirsium occidentale

One of the coolest things about being the plant sign maker at Annie’s is seeing plants I’ve only read about in the wild for the first time. The even cooler part is being able to identify them. This Cirsium is one of those plants. Here are a few more favorites from the wander around.

Coast Paintbrush - Castilleja affinis

Erigeron glaucus

Camissonia cheiranthifolia, I think.

Mystery Ferns

Anyone know what these sand/sun loving ferns are?

Happy Dog Max

Fort Funston’s still full of tons of beachy blooms. It’s chock full of Eriogonums in all shapes and sizes, and oh yeah it’s also an off-leash dog park so bring the puppy. You can check out all our Fort Funston pics are here, including many of Matti looking super excited.



  1. ah, ferns.

  2. aloya guys,

    what a fun tour, i loved seeing all the plants, thanks for identifying all the wildflowers – the dudleyas are my favorites especially in bloom. i miss the bay area :(

  3. seems to me to be a strange place for ferns to be growing and thriving.

  4. Dudleya in habitat! Wonderful to see them. Appears they were in rocky crevices, is that right?

    Max sure is 1 handsome boy.

  5. the ferns could be osmunda regalis, but i seriously doubt it.

  6. cool mystery ferns… surprised they don’t get burned by the salt wind…

  7. How wonderful and you got to take the puppy! Sounds awesome and love the pics. I just love seeing succulents in the wild.

  8. Mystery fern – how about Pteridium aquilinum? Gotta love those Erigerons and Dudleyas.

    • Looks like mystery solved. Coincidentally, I asked my good buddy Jason from Flora Grubb…and he thought Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens – bracken fern. Also, he strongly suggested not planting it in the garden here in SF…you’ll never get rid of it. Matti

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