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Strybing Super Flowers


What the heck?

Recently I did my interpretive station volunteer gig at the SF Botanical Garden, so Matti and I went a little early to wander about. I had seen this crazy ass thing budding a couple weeks ago. Couldn’t find a tag with a name. I’m guessing it’s some sort of New Zealand wonder plant, but have no idea what the heck it is. It’s at least 15′ tall.

Berkheya purpurea "Zulu Warrior"

This freaky Zulu Warrior purple sunfloweresque guy from South Africa was in bud last time I strolled by. I kind of wish I would have planted one of these puppies in our garden this past spring. This spike o’flowers has to be at least a foot long! (Annie’s has it available this very second if you want one).

Lobelia excelsa Excitement!

I drive by one of these hotties on my way in to work everyday, but the one at Strybing was in full freak out mode. Now I really want one.

Passiflora parritae

The freaky awesome Passifloras are doing their right now. There was a Passiflora parritae x antioquiensis
‘Mission Dolores’
in the tree across the way, but the flowers were too far away to get a recognizable pic. My favorite, Passiflora membranaceae was freaking out all over a tree in the cloud forest. It’s looking really good at the entrance right now, too.

Oenothera tetragona & Digitalis friend

There’s exciting news at SF Botanical Garden. They’re going to be selling plants in a cool new lath house behind the gift shop in the main entrance every weekend, and maybe more often if volunteers make it happen. If it hasn’t already started, it should be getting going soon.





  1. i wanna know what that first plant is. awesome.

  2. May I ask what exactly it is you do when you volunteer? Aside from selling/manning the proposed shop. It sounds like something a lot of gardeners would love to do.

    • I’m an interpretive station volunteer, which means I set up a table next to plants doing super cool things. Our mission is to get other folks excited about what’s happening in the garden. There are lots of different volunteer options including propagation.

  3. That first plant is flax! x

  4. Whatever it is, it’s certainly striking.

  5. The mystery plant has been positively identified! A big thanks to Cazadero Garden on flickr for letting me know it’s Doryanthes palmeri from Australia.

  6. Wow that first plant is hugeeeee! And the flower stalks are too. I have never seen anything like it. I love that Lobelia and the rest of the photos are great!

  7. The mystery plant has been positively identified! A big thanks to Cazadero Garden on flickr for letting me know itโ€™s Doryanthes palmeri from Australia.

  8. Spear lily! I love those things.

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