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Mendocino Garden Madness


Viola nigra 'Bowles Black' & Armeria maritima

We spent a morning checking out the fabulous Mendocino Botanical Gardens. This was our first summertime visit, and it rocked! Any garden that uses Viola nigra ‘Bowles Black’ as a groundcover is awesome in my book. I went a little crazy in the picture taking department.

Eucomis comosa coolness

Globularia 'Blue Eyes'

I freaked out when I saw Globularia ‘Blue Eyes’ in bloom for the first time. It’s just as cute as I expected it to be in real life. It’s a funky little Canary Island native I want.

Mass of Angelica stricta 'Purpurea'

Wholly gigantic patch of Angelica stricta ‘Purpurea’! Annie brought seed for this guy back to the nursery from Mendocino Gardens.

Salvia transsylvanica

Dahlia 'Neon Splendor'

The Dahlia garden was in full freak out mode. There was a Dahlia ‘Siclor Procyon’ almost as big as Matti’s head. I bet the Dahlia Garden next to the Conservatory of Flowers is looking good right now, too.

Jasione sp.

I had no idea what this flower was until a kindly flickrer helped me out. It’s adorable! Are you noticing a purple theme? This was not intentional.

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum rocks! We’ve got this funky “bell” shaped vine growing in our garden and love it. We picked it up in the nursery here last time we were here back in November.

Cool blue Commelina coelestris

After a little googling around it looks like this pretty blue flower is kind of prolific (weedy bordering on invasive). That’s too bad.

Fuchsia vulcanica

Fuchsia fulgens x splendens

A post about Mendocino Botanical Gardens is not complete without a couple of Fuchsia pics. They have a great collection. I saved succulents for Matti, but you can check out all 126 of our pics are on flickr here.


  1. I love the unintentional purple theme! Still haven’t made it up there. It would be wonderful to take a NorCal trip and get Larner Seeds in there too, maybe some Cali Carnivores…

  2. There is an unconventional purple theme! This is one for the bucket list. You make it hard to not want to visit the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Great pics!

  3. You guys are road-trip instigators! Mendocino in August sounds like a great idea. That globularia is really something.

  4. I’ve been trying to “pick” you on Blotanical, but the system’s not working, which is so frustrating, because these photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hmm. I should look up the requirements of the R. atrosanguineum. I’ve been trying to get a good cover on my “arbor” but have not been successful because I only have shallow ground at the base.

  6. Looks like a fab place, great pics. Love the Rhodochiton intertwined with the Ivy on the tree and of course the gorgeous Fuschia.

  7. I love the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. They have something different for each season of the year. Photo-ops abound.
    If you like please check my most recent article about the gardens here:

  8. Ahh it warms my heart any time someone posts pictures of MCBG. I can’t believe I haven’t been back there since my internship in 2003. I can’t even express how much I learned from the gardeners there, particularly Lily Ricardi who is in charge of the perennial garden. I helped her design a black and white garden in the perennial garden that year and it looks to me like the spirit of it lives on with those black violas and Eucomis. I believe that is even the same area of the garden.

    • You haven’t been back since 2003! We’ve been three times since moving out here, but we have a few less hours drive to get there than you. The viola/eucomis explosion of awesomeness was happening in the perennial bed on the southwest side. It was so much fun to see the perennial beds in full summer action, but even love it in the Winter. The whole place is so well designed, and maintained. You need to start planning your Northern California garden roadtrip extravaganza, with a stop in SF of course :)

      • Yah if I lived in SF I would have been back several times. It is just a four hour trip. I really do need to make it up there though. So hard to get away.

  9. tartarus ay, i want write something like this but didnt have time, may i repost this Mendocino Garden lunacy | Far Out Flora

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  12. Just beautiful! Megan and Matti, what a wonderful part of the world you live in. I am still in SF, loving it lots!

  13. those globularia keep staring at me.

  14. I love Rhodochiton atrosanguineum… always forget to look for them when I’m plant shopping though. They are such interesting vines…

  15. Awesome! I love that garden. That eucomis comosa is looking pretty cool, wondering if I have enough room to try it…
    Since you mentioned it, I thought I’d share my photos from the dahlia garden in golden gate park from a month ago:
    I love your photos from gg park too, looks like I can fill in some species names on my post. I’m going through Mendocino early next week, you’re motivating to visit the botanical gardens yet again. I love how you can walk through it and then take a short hike to the beach/headlands…

  16. That does it, I’m going up next week.

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  19. You guys are road-trip instigators! Mendocino in August sounds like a great idea. That globularia is really something.

  20. Oh that is such a fabulous garden. I want to come there and visit.

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