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Mystery Dudleya (we're thinking it's D. 'Frank Reinelt')

Are you plant nerdy? Do you live in the Bay Area? Want to come drink a beer or two and look at our garden? Saturday, August 27th from 2-6PM we’ll be opening up our garden in Outer Sunset for fellow plant dorks to come hang out. If you want to come, post a comment such as “heck yeah, I’m in” and use your email address when posting, so we can send you an invite. Our Bay Area blogger friends Dirty Girl Gardening, Plantgasm, Phyteclub & The Pitcher Plant Project started the brilliant idea of hanging out about two months ago, and this month we’re hosting the Bay Area Plant Peeps (BAPP) fest. All the bloggers will be here with the exception (maybe) of Katie from Phyteclub (hope you can make it). Make sure you check out their most recent hilarious sexy plant posts.

There’s a block party going on the same day to celebrate Java Beach’s new restaurant/cafe Beachside  (looks pretty cute), so you may not be able to park on our street. No worries, there’s plenty of spots on the Great Highway frontage road. We’re out in the boonies, and  conveniently located a half block from the N-Judah turnaround for those who utilize public transportation.

The Brugmansia sanguinea is starting to bloom!

We’ll have some snacks and beers, but feel free to bring stuff to consume. WARNING: The garden may look more attractive on your computer screen than in real life. You may see ignored pest issues gone bad, bizarro hack jobs on fuchsias, plant abuse and other horticultural ideas gone wrong. We’ll try to hide most of this before you get here, but it’s impossible to make it all go away.

Gardeny Stuff To Check Out Nearby Our Place:

Amazing Succulent Garden at Rivera & the Great Highway frontage road.

La Playa Community Garden on both sides of Judah are kind of fun. There’s a bocce court, lots of natives and succulents if you head to the south part of the garden.

Urban Bazaar in Inner Sunset will be opening up their Succulent Bar on Saturday

The SF Botanical Garden & The Conservatory of Flowers are just a couple miles up the road, too.


  1. How I so wish I could be there…sounds like big fun and I would love to see all the fabulous things you’ve got tucked in your garden.

  2. I absolutely love the grill-garden! :)

  3. I’m planning to come but can’t track down your invite. Could you send me your address again? Also, do you happen to know if Jacob or Nhu are coming or been invited? I was thinking of seeing about carpooling with them. I’ll bring goodies.

  4. 1600 miles for a beer and aeoniums. almost worth it.

  5. upon arriving in california i’d probably come down with some generic medical conditional and have to visit all those new get well clinics i hear are wonderful for what ails you.

  6. I can’t make it to this gathering, unfortunately, but would love to meet you guys in person at a later date! Any chance of being added to an invite list for the future? It’s a really fun idea and I’d like to meet other SF gardening geeks.

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  8. I would love to come to your far-out garden & hang out with you!

  9. Please keep me in mind for the future. I am still recovering from a nasty case of bronchitis. It has been a month now, that’s why so few blog posts and visits. Hope you have a great time and say hi to Dirty Girl for me!

  10. We’d love to come by to say hi and see the garden!

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  12. Hey there! I love your blog! I wasn’t sure how else to post this, so hopefully it will get out there as a comment! I have 3 extra squash starts that don’t fit in my garden, and would love to give them away to someone that could plant them! email me: ellie@reloadbags.com if you’re interested!

  13. Oh it sounds like such fun! I wish I could make it. I just love your succulent weber!

  14. oh how i would like to be there. is it really true that aeoniums grow without much care, and aloes take over the world? and senecio scaposus would thrive.? and i would be happy, as happiness is the greatest agent of purification.

  15. Had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again sometime. Thanks for the hospitality, new plant people contacts and chance to see your wonderful garden in person. Maybe I’ll see some of you September 10th or 11th at Sherry’s open garden and plant sale (11110 Lochard St. in Oakland). Not sure yet which day I’ll be going.

  16. great to meet you, thanks for hosting and hope we can do it again!

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