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Saturday Succulent Rearranging


Before the mass rip out

Yesterday I decided to go nuts on our Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga (I think that’s what it is). In the shot above I’d already cut out as much plant as you see remaining. I’ve always liked it, but we needed to make room for some cool new plants so I ripped the entire plant out. That whole region was getting a bit funkified anyways.

Here I am looking like a big dork

For the relatively small space I re-did it took me forever. I do not recommend squatting in a hunched down position like that for hours if you want to wake up the next day without some serious leg/back soreness.

Ready to get put back together

We had a big chunk of driftwood hanging around not doing anything, so I decided to use it as a little edger in the front.


Six hours later it’ was done (I took a lot of breaks). I still have no idea what that other slightly bluer Cotyledon is hanging out behind the Coreopsis gigantea is. Behind and slightly to the left of the bowling pin is our brand new Aeonium nobile from Jenn at Dirty Girl Gardening. Matti brought home a couple freaky crested things including the Aeonium ‘Sunburst’ and Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor’ that are jammed in there as well. Click on the pic for a closer look.


  1. man i wish i could grow that stuff in the ground here…ripping out succulents is a crime here.

  2. I love my knee pads. I can be on my knees for hours in comfort. I only snug the lower straps.

  3. MMMMmmmm, love the freaky crested stuff!

  4. The blue ceramic kitty and bowling pin are nice touches!

  5. You knowwwww how I love your succulents. My last post was about mislabel succulents. You might want to check it out. I did get someone to help identify a Cotyledon orbiculata var oblonga flanagani. Next year I am going to try to crowd my succulents more. It looks so beautiful and I love the rocks you use.

    • We really cram them in which means we end up having to rearrange them when they get out of control every six months or so, but it’s become one of my favorite parts of gardening. Succulents don’t care if you move them around. I’m ruthless when it comes to ripping out stuff I’m sick of these days.

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  7. Hi Megan. I envy your garden and your collection. I wish I have better weather to manage my succulents here in Florida. I will be attempting to experiment with some of my collection by moving them to our backyard next to the fence line like yours. With the intense summer heat and rainfall, I need to plant them in a spot where they can only get morning sun. As for the rain, I am planning to build a high mound using soil, sand and lots of gravel. I was wondering if you can share your soil mix for ground planting or anything that can help with drainage as we do get a lot of rain around here. I would love to recreate your design here. It is so beautiful!

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