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Santa Cruzin the Arboretum


Mimetes cucullates

We’ve been kind of slacking on the blog front lately. It’s been way too nice out. Summer has arrived! It was sunny & 70 degrees at 5PM for three days in a row. The fog’s back, so we’re no longer lounging on the beach tossing the tennis ball for Max until sunset. Way back in mid-July we escaped the fog & hit up the UC-Santa Cruz Arboretum. Chuck B. at My Back 40 (feet) had his act together & posted about his visit within days here (lots of awesome pics).  Mimetes cucullates is so gosh darn rare & difficult to propagate that Annie’s charges $50.00 for a 4″ pot. Sounds like making babies is challenging, but so worth the wait. It’s a South African native.

Acacia pravissima

I usually don’t usually get super excited about Acacias, but this one made a gigantic trailing hedge of blue-green awesomeness.  Maybe I’ve seen it around, but never really noticed it before? It’s not rare or anything, is it?

Grevillea 'Honey Gem'

The bees were going nuts for all the blooming Grevilleas.

Banksia Bloom

The Banksias were in full freakout mode. I don’t think the flower show ever ends here. It was a flower fest last January, too.

Erica fun

Protea repens

Leucospermum burst of sunshine

Fuzzy wuzzy Leucospermum

The Leucospermums were by far the most bloomiferous of the bunch. I somehow managed to compile every picture we’ve ever taken at the arboretum during our two visits in to one giant set labelled July 2011.

Agave explosion








  1. oooh! agaves! i just planted about 50 in my front yard. and i want them to look just like those in that last picture. bought them from a mail-order out of san diego.

    • For real?!?! I want to see pictures.

      • yes, its for real! tomorrow i’m planting 10 titanota. i’ve always wanted an ‘official’ succulent garden, but since i’m limited on what i can grow in the ground here(s.w. louisiana), i went with agave. i’m not finished planting. i have another planting site where 200 agaves are going. at least. it really is a far out flora garden i have going on over here. my contact in san diego is Don at cacti.com. pictures soon.

  2. So the price has come down for Mimetes cucullates. Last time I checked they wanted your first born, your trust fund and a lap dance. I’ll pay the $50 gladly.

  3. Great place and those blooms are so unusual. Great shots!

  4. Welp, I’m subscribing. Your photos are so fantastic that it’s a little depressing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to post “garden shots” EVER again on my blog until I get this photography thing figured out.

    Inspiring & depressing at the same time? Now I know it’s possible! Looking forward to more of this dichotomy.. :)

    • Thanks for the photography compliments! We sprang for a DSLR two years ago & have no regrets. I still pretty much shoot on auto, but can do so much more than a regular point & shoot. Your blog’s great!

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