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Gratuitious Succulenty Goodness


Succulent happyland

Yesterday morning I busted out the camera just as light was starting to hit the garden. We have big plans to rip out a bunch of stuff this weekend including one of our big honking Agave americanas (if you live in town & are interested in it let us know), but don’t worry the succulent craziness above is staying put. Actually, I’d like to move the Euphorbia atropurpurea forward a little, but nothing major.

Aloe plicatilis buds

Our favorite Aloe plicatilis is getting ready to flower!

Echeveria amoena

Quite possibly the cutest Echeveria around. Wanna go succulent crazy this weekend? Ruth Bancroft Garden is having their Fall Plant Sale this weekend.






  1. Beautiful! Your plants and your photography are awesome.

  2. So jealous….everything looks so nice and mature! Most of your plants would turn to mush with our frost :( Sad to think we’re the same zone- yet so much of what you get to grow in the bay area hates my heat or winter cold! :(

  3. Everything looks so great! Wish I lived closer to come get some goodies! Did you go to the plant sale? Wish I could have gone but I went to L.A. and to Huntingtons finally! Will be doing posts soon.

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