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Dude, the Deppea is Rockin’


Deppea splendens doing its thing

This past Sunday Matti & I headed up to the San Francisco Botanical Garden to ogle the Deppea splendens in the Meso-American Cloud Forest section. I’ve been watching it for the last couple months waiting for this moment of bloomy freak out goodness.Hopefully our little dude will be doing the same thing this time next year. Go see it if you’re in town. More gratuitous pics of our favorite flowering tree:

Deppea splendens

Deppea splendens

Want your very own Deppea splendens? Annie’s doesn’t have them online right this second, but they’ll be available again. A little bird told me there might be some out in the nursery as of yesterday, but isn’t guaranteeing anything. You can find the rest of our Strybing visit pics here.



  1. Beautiful plant – and yet another one featured on your blog that I had never heard of before. I assume it would not do too well outside of mild, cloud-foresty climes… :(

  2. Wow, I’ve never actually seen one before. The deppea looks weird from afar but it looks so amazing up close. Do they come in different colors?

  3. They have one at Berkeley Botanic too.

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