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DIY Succulent Bar


Succulents DIY style.

Succulents DIY style.

Can we say that Urban Bazaar Rocks!?!  Since last time we visited them on 9th Ave and Judah in San Francisco, they added a whole new aspect of coolness called the Succulent Bar.  You come…pick out your pot, pick out your plant, and do it yourself…leaving the mess to them.  Hey, it’s a great way to make those cool gifts you always wanted to give, and funstar #1 to make.  Or just keep for yourself….shh your secret is safe with us.

Pots to select.

Pots to select.

Seeing the Succulent Bar for the first time during the Inner Sunset Fair, I was impressed that they’re offering Urban FarmGirls pots available for your sweet succulent babies.  UFG is top notch in my book.  They make the best hypertufa pots, bar none…light weight and with an attractive rustic-mod feel.

Ton O succulents.

Ton O succulents.

Here’s where I love to gaze…the succulents.  All from growers that obviously cares about succulents.  Bold and colorful textures.

Crested Echeveria Doris Taylor.

Crested Echeveria Doris Taylor.

Okay, now you sold me.  Really?  You have a cresting Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor’ in a two inch pots?  No way!  They’re always doing fun events at their place so great way to keep up to date is via their facebook & twitter.

Top Dressing.

Top Dressing.

I’ve gotta admit, that I’ve resisted the term ‘top dressing’ for a long time.  Hey, I don’t mind mulching my pots with rocks, sand, or wood bits…but does it really have to be called top dressing?  Starting a new term today… Hydro Accumulating Topper… aka H.A.T.  Yes, now it’s time to add a HAT to your succulent pot.


Wait for it...and...done.

There you are.  One awesome score from Urban Bazaar.  Every DIY Succulent Bar planting is unique and for a fraction of buying all those bits in bulk for yourself.  Click for more Urban Bazaar fun.

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  1. I am SO there! Thanks for the tip – can’t wait to find one of those little crested escheverias, too. Seriously? In a 2″ pot? What a score…..

  2. The potting bar IS a neat idea. I’ve seen it at The Juicy Leaf in Venice Beach (Los Angeles), too. Ideal for apartment and condo dwellers with limited—or no—garden space. Btw, “topdressing” is what they call it at the CSSA shows, and it’s considered an integral part of a plant-pot combo that’s “staged” (another awkward term) for show. “Mulch” implies organic matter, like redwood chips used in gardens. Not ideal for succulents.

    • Hi Debra, great point. Mulching with organic material is not ideal for most succulents. Noted. Nice find with Juicy Leaves down in LA. Hope to get down there this winter to check it out. Matti

  3. I love those pots! Would be a bit heavy taking them home on the Muni…

    • Actually, those hypertufas are pretty light an even with all the goods planted. Not bad to take in MUNI. I remember last spring traveling home from work with a 2 x 3 foot Aloe arborescens cutting. Sorta fun to see people’s reactions on MUNI. Matti

  4. What a super duper idea! Someone should do that here. Hmmmm great suggestion for some of my favorite succulent nurseries. And dang I want one of those crested eche’s!!!!!

  5. Oh, I love the top dressing choices. Like a yogurt bar but for your plants.

  6. I saw something simmilar when I was in Palm Springs last year. A neat-o greenhouse had “dig your own cactus” where one could pluck small cacti from a tray and plant them in pots and add decoration. Super fun!

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