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Dahlias & Kale Bouquet

My last Wisconsin post was kind of a downer… so I’m switching over to something a little cheerier, ornamental kale & cabbages. I love Annie’s Kale ‘Crane Red’ (next time it’s around I’m planting it). Back when I was in middle school I planted an entire colony of the biggest, craziest, most outrageous decorative cabbages in at least a five mile radius, from seed. It was one of my proudest young gardening moments. Cars would even slow down to check them out and children would stop to count them in awe. During my trip back, I took lots of pictures of Brassica family members including the above, at the Dane County Farmers’ Market (the biggest & best in the country, I may add). Before moving to California, my dream was to buy a little farmette near Madison, where I would grow mass quantities of cut flowers every year to sell at farmer’s markets and weddings.

Dane County Farmers' Market

That could be me in twenty five years, but I don’t think I’d be able to cope with real winters again.

Crazy Cabbage

More gratuitous pictures of kale and cabbages I saw while back in Wisconsin.

Atwood Community Gardens

Market Bouquets

Off the Bike Path on the way to Olbrich

Cut Flower Kale Fest




  1. Love ’em ! They’re usually good ’til Christmas , +/- , and only get better as it gets colder . :)

    I did grow them for a living ( among many other things – [ for a retail greenhouse/florist] ) It’s a tough sell , to get most people interested in cabbage!?, at least before they lookthey’re best in the landscape . Probably got more inqiuries in late Nov/early Dec, than Sept/Oct . ( When we actually had them to sell 😉

    • There were mums everywhere you looked, but I’m a much bigger fan of crazy cabbages. Their only downfall I remember was the unpleasant odor when things unthawed in Spring.

  2. * their * ( My editor was sleepin’ on the job ;))

  3. I always thought they were really pretty. That macro of the cabbage is so pretty. So are you going to plant some?

  4. So cool I love that color and they look fab with the eucalptus -sp
    I’ve been looking in SC for some cabbages that look like these.

  5. I want to say YUM, and then I don’t! Fab images, I must admit it’s a new concept to me so I am smiling happily:~)

  6. Love cabbages & kale–I use them a lot in container plantings. That last pic was gorgeous!!

  7. That cabbage has such brilliant colors. I didn’t even realize it was a cabbage until I looked at the caption.

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