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Ginormous Mystery Nepenthes


Gigantoid Nepenthes

After checking out Playland at the Conservatory of Flowers we checked out the other plants. I almost shouted several swear words when I spotted these 18″ long mega-pitchers, but there were small children present. Anyone know what it is?

Matti for some scale

Here’s Matti for a little bit of scale. Here are some more plants looking pretty right now.

Dendrobium cobbianum

Variegated Neo crawling about

Nepenthes sp.

Nepenthes sp

Vireya sp.

Medinilla scortechinii



  1. That’s become a semi-common houseplant . I can ask a couple places, and have an answer in a day or two, if nobody else comes up with it .

    • Hey Mikeinportc, yeah…give it a shot. Remember to mention the 18 inch cups / pitchers. We get a fair number of Nepenthes at work, but never one like this guy. Thanks for your help. Matti

  2. That Nepenthes is incredible!

    • Hey G Wiz. I bet your are correct. A buddy of mine saw it, and confirmed your guess too. I want one. MAtti

      Update: oops, forgot to throw the name in there, it’s should be Neepenthes truncata.

  3. here is where you can get Vireyas:
    they look very pretty!

  4. Definitely ginormous! Just like that great smile of yours Matti! What a great place and your photos are awwwwsome!

  5. Yowza!!!! Absolutely DIVINE!!!!!

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