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January Bloominess


First Coreopsis gigantea bloom

Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! We don’t have a whole lot going on in the bloom department right now, but are crazy excited our Coreopsis gigantea¬† just started to bloom. We had a little gopher scare with it a couple weeks ago. I walked out one morning to find it completely droopy, with two gopher mounds about five feet away and panicked.¬† This freaky California native is one of my favorite plants we have out back. After a good long water it recovered and Matti took care of the gopher.

Lobelia aguana

My favorite new, super rare, orangey-red Lobelia aguana blooms just started to open up in the last few days. I’m in love! Mark D. (aka serialplantfetishist on flickr) picked up this cool Lobelia at a Strybing plant sale and shared the seed love with Annie’s. Check out the online sign for the cool story and more info.

Crassula multicava

I’m not a huge fan of this Crassula, but it seems to bloom continuously… dropping it’s tiny weeny babies all over the place. It’s not terrible or anything, but I have a feeling its days are numbered. Matti and I aren’t big fans of white flowering plants in our garden.

Eccremocarpus scaber 'Tresco Gold'

I can’t believe this dude is still kicking it.

Layia platyglossa

The first Tidy Tips bloom of the season!

Kalanchoe prolifera

This weirdo Kalanchoe known as “Blooming Boxes” is still doing its thing. I haven’t really seen an actual yellow flower peeking out from the box (technically bracts).

Black Petunia

A big shout out to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting the monthly bloom share-a-thon!


  1. Such beautiful blooms. The Black Petunia is gorgeous and Layia and Coreopsis gargantea are both stunners.

  2. Love the coreopsis. I’ve lost other plants to gophers, but so far my little colony of it has been spared. My Crassula multicava only blooms for a few months–maybe because it gets almost no supplemental water? Anyway, happy Bloomday, and January.

  3. Lovely pictures! Especially your Layia platyglossa. It’s amazing what you can see on GBBD! :)

  4. “Took care of”, hmm? Euphemism for shot / poisoned / relocated? I wonder if he’d like to “take care of” a vole problem I have… My cat would rather hunt birds than voles… Naughty kitty…

    I can’t believe that your plants are so far ahead of mine… Aren’t you being frosted? Look out and see a dusting of snow on the peaks?

    • We use a trap.

      The challenge is that we’ve many predators that eat gophers. If they eat one that has been poisoned, the predator gets poisoned too.

  5. Oh, what beautiful blooms! So nice to see such color! Happy GBBD!

  6. Ugh gophers! I was just complaining about them. Nasty little things. I’m glad your Coreopsis was OK. I wonder if there is a place I can see C. gigantea in the wild around here. Their peak bloom down in Malibu was always late February – March.

  7. Congrats on the dead gopher! Only another California gardener would say that, eh? ;^)

  8. Lovely photos, especially the black petunia! I love very dark red flowers, any kind of drak red, dark maroon, or dark brown, as dark as possible :-)

  9. That Lobelia aguana is awesome! I like Lobelias in general but that is one of the loveliest I have seen so far.

  10. Lovely blooms on what is a cold day here in the north… Larry

  11. I love your site!!! I often visit and enjoy. If you will be thinning out your crassula multicava, I’d really love to have some cuttings. I live in South Pasadena, in the LA area and will be happy to pay for shipping. They are impossible to find.

  12. Thank you for opening your garden to us.

  13. So, so pretty! I hope you have everything covered and ready for the freeze!

    • Hey Candy, no freeze yet. The temp outside in our garden got down to 36F one night…a little frost, but all looks in the clear. Maybe lost a couple of Echeverias, which is not uncommon for us. Matti

    SFBG Plant Finder says we have a Lobelia aguana in MesoAmerica Cloud Forest Bed 25 C – last checked in 2010 – Im gonna go double check :) – Plant Finder is pretty cool :)

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