Far Out Flora


  1. Happy F______th birthday on the F____th of February!

  2. Love that man’s smile! Happy birthday, Matti — polka on!

  3. Bon Anniversaire, Monsieur Matti !!
    The Eiffel Tower is glittering for your birthday tonight !

    Have both a very nice day !!

  4. He’s fhirty right? (I have a picture of me on that Mendo bench)

  5. Happy birthday Matti !!
    Here’s wishing you yet another year of planting & growing !!
    And those great road trips !! :D

  6. I had a wonderful birthday outing…and will have to remember that Fhirty comment. Nice one Kaveh. Matti

    • Hey Matt, what a wonderful surprise to have surfed the web and came across your little corner of paradise. We miss seeing you guys at the meetings .

      A happy belated birthday. When was it ?


      • Hey Casper,

        Great to hear from you. Yeah, the home front has been pretty busy this winter…miss see you two too. I would ask, how the garden doing…but I suspect that it is looking fab. You have one of the most splendid home gardens in the bay.

        Oh, the Bday was Feb 4.


  7. Looks like it was a good day! Happy Birthday, Matti!

  8. Felicidades, que cumplas muchos más y que seas feliz en compañía de tus seres queridos.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  9. Happy birthday. I find myself wondering why I’ve never been to Playland. Clearly I’ve been missing out.

  10. Love the agave stach!!

    Happy bday!

  11. Hope you got to eat cake! Happy Birthday Matti.

  12. A very Happy Belated Birthday Matti!


  14. happy birthday from western australia matti! i just love that the aloes decided to wear the same outfit as you! sue :)

  15. Aw Matti I am so upset that I missed your birthday on facebook and here! You are such a great guy and I can’t wait to meet you and Megan. I hope you had a wonderful f …th birthday! I hope you ate a bunch of cake cause I can’t eat sugar anymore and would like someone to enjoy it! LOL Lots of love to you my friend!

  16. Happy belated Birthday Matti!

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