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Succulent Sale-O-Rama Saturday!



The garden is almost completely ripped out with the exception of some big herbaceous plants that wouldn’t deal well with being moved and the California natives. It still looks a million times better than when we moved in. Remember the mattress vine that ate half the yard and part of the house? Hopefully the remaining plants will be able to tough it out this summer with no water.  Anyways, if you haven’t heard we’re moving back to Wisconsin at the end of the month and selling off our massive succulent collection this Saturday. The sale starts at 9AM Saturday, April 14th at 1344 La Playa Street, SF CA. We’ve got more than just succulents, too! Lots of pots, tons of glass containers for making terrariums, beach rocks, chairs, yard art, books, shelves and much much more. Cuttings in 4″ pots (like the ones pictured above) will be $3 each, one gallons $5 and two gallons $10. The sale goes until 5PM.

Look at all the crap for sale!

You could become the proud new owner of a creepy plastic skeleton, rusty lunchbox full of Faucaria or a super overgrown box full of mystery Aeoniums and friends!

Rockin rock pots!

We’ve got lots more rocks than pictured here. I recommend busting out a festive can of spray paint to liven them up.

Purple Aeoniums

So here’s the deal. We didn’t have time to label anything, but we’ll be happy to ID stuff at the sale (some stuff we’re just not sure). I recommend asking me (Megan) as Matti may make something up. I win the geek award for plant ID, but there are quite a few plants we have that I may need to bust out the search field on our flickr stream to figure out in the following days. Feel free to take pics of stuff once you get home and post them on our facebook page for us to identify. We’d love to see pics of our plants in a couple months, too! I think the above Aeonium is some sort of arboreum hybrid, but we got a cutting or two at least four years ago. We’re only positive that it’s super cute and adds contrast pretty much anywhere.

Salamander spotted

While moving some huge pots around Matti found a few little salamanders hanging out. We haven’t seen any for at least a year. There will be way more plants available at the sale than pictured above. Hope to see you there!

P.S. We’re having a girl!


  1. Hey… if I were closer, I’d be at the sale with a pick up truck to haul away all the goodies! You are doing bargain basement prices, so if folks don’t buy they are crazy. If you are driving thru Denver and need a place to stay, give us a call… Safe travels. Lucky little girl coming into our world.

  2. Congratulations on the baby girl. I wish I could be at your sale! I hope that it goes sooo well!!

  3. yes Congratulations on the little girl wish we were there to help have a safe trip

  4. Good luck with the sale and congratulations on your future gardener!

  5. I so wish I could reach through the screen from Rwanda and buy some of those lovely succulents! Congratulations on the baby girl (if the above comment-er is accurate). My own (25-year old) baby girl lives in Madison (Epic, of course) and it’s such a great town. I’m really looking forward to seeing the garden you will make there.

  6. Congratulations on the baby girl! I hope your sale turns out very successful:)
    All your succulents look so amazing..

  7. It’s a little ridiculous how excited I am about this sale! I will be dragging a friend along to help me sherpa plants home (she’s visiting from Australia and thus can’t buy plants for herself, so she’ll have free hands for my plants, ah ha ha…)

    Do you know if any of your succulents are poisonous to cats or kids? I figure I don’t need specific IDs, just general warnings on toxicity. Thanks!

  8. If only we were closer!!

    Hope it goes well for you, some lovely plants for your sale!

  9. A girl! Congrats! Have you considered the name Flora? 😉

  10. Hi! I got to your sale late but did pick up a few new friends for my garden. Of course the minute I left I forgot the name of one of them. It is a rather longish plant. Megan said it had pretty red bell-shaped flowers and that it was one of the prettier succulent flowers. You can actually see it in one of your flicker photos. In the succulent sale photos, it is in the second photo, middle right. If you read this and can send me the name or just post it here, that would be great! Sorry I didn’t get up early enough. Best of luck in Madison and with the family!

  11. Much love and luck to you both on the next phase of your life’s journey and sincerest congratulations on having a girl!

    I like Leah’s comment about considering Flora for a name, well at least for a middle name.

    Looking forward to your garden creations in Wisconsin!

  12. Love your Wisconsin shirt! Congrats on your little one!

    I could do some damage at your sale–looks so fun!

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  15. I’m sure that your sale was well attended…I wish that I’d been in the hood to try and talk you out of one of those wonderful kangaroo planters that I have coveted since seeing them here. Best of luck to you in your new adventures!

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