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Sweet Succulent Planter

Last Friday before I headed to the San Francisco Botanical Garden I had to pay a bill, so I took a different route to the muni stop than normal to hit up a mailbox. I busted out my camera when I saw this awesome example of a succulent planter. Lots of different colors and textures, plants that are practically impossible to kill in our neighborhood and common enough people won’t steal them (succulent theft is a problem here).

Super Sweet Succulent Container

Then I saw this in front of the next house and kind of freaked out. Seriously? Agave attenuata ‘Kara’s Stripes’ and a bunch of other cool plants thoughtfully arranged in containers. There are tons of succulents in our hood, but not usually put together with this much care.

The Container Craziness Continues

Wholly crap, it doesn’t end! Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’ looking hot next to a golden Sedum with a dark purple Aeonium backdrop. Then something crazy happened. The owner of the house was out front saying good-bye to visitors, saw me freaking out taking tons of pictures and invited me out back to check things out.


Look at the beautiful raised bed down the center full of edible greens! This is how I envisioned our garden in a perfect world, but we drew the line at messing with hardscaping. As renters you have to draw the line somewhere.

Kalanchoe 'Fang' & friends

Dudleya pulverulenta (I think)

Man, this is embarrassing. You’d think I could easily pick out the difference between D. pulverulenta and D. brittonii by now, but I can never tell unless the two are both next to each other. My guess is for D. pulverulenta since the leaves don’t seem as narrow as the brittonii.

Lettuce land

Echium candicans

Big thanks goes out to Alan who let me check this fabulous garden out. I didn’t get to meet his wife/garden designer, but she did an amazing job!




  1. Wow! I want those succulent containers!!! hmmm…. I sense some weekend projects in the works! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I go by this house everyday – what a backyard!!! Don’t leave and lets set up a Outerlands Garden Tour Day 😉 EPIC!

    • We’re almost all packed up :) I can’t believe how lucky I was to be able to check it out! I have to admit I’m looking forward to living in a place with front yards and porches again.

  3. Wow.

  4. Doesn’t that make you want to change your mind and stay in Cali?

  5. Yay for a chance garden visit before you leave! Super cool.

  6. Wow, what an incredible place! I am so glad you got to see it and show us before you left! Thanks!

  7. I drive by this plantar box a lot and it has gone through stages , this final box and succculents catches your eye as you drive by! I wonder how many AMAZING gardens lie BEHIND peoples homes, in backyards? Many i imagine after seeing this backyard open up to our eyes. Yes, it is so sad that so many of our succulents get stolen. I wont plant anything out front that historically gets ripped off.

  8. Driftwood Madness is making more driftwood plantar boxes. Anyone interested? I already have acouple ready to go. email me at bolinascrosstep@yahoo.com .

  9. oops thats Driftwood Insanity in the Outer Sunset bolinascrosstep@yahoo.com

  10. The veggies are as beautiful as the succulents. Looks unreal…

  11. What a fantastic back garden. Wasn’t it nice of the neighbors to paint their house colors that really showed off the Echium?

  12. gorgeous! i can never get enough succulent/pot pics!

  13. And what looks to be Agave ‘Dragon Toes’ as well. Very nice indeed. The back garden shows meticulous maintenance and design–what a treat it must have been to be invited to see it. Good things can happen when we least expect! :^)

  14. Wow, who would have thought! That’s an amazing garden. Love the edible centerpiece. But where to sit to enjoy it all? :O

  15. Hee hee hee…Thanks for giving me a look at our garden through your plant-lover’s eyes! I usually see the not-so-meticulous-maintenance parts. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you! Good luck, and come by for cuttings of whatever you want if you end up back here…

  16. succulent theft? man how bad is the economy that people are stealing plants right out of their containers?!

  17. My great grandmother was arrested for stealing seed from a experimental garden in Canada…plant theft has been going on for generations. I am not opposed myself to taking a leaf off of a healthy succulent…though I will ask for permission.

  18. I love your ‘lettuce land’
    What a great colourful way to grow vegetables in the garden.
    And succulents in containers are a real treat for any gardener.
    Really great pictures – Thank you for sharing

  19. Fantastic! Glad you had a chance for a visit before you leave San Fran.

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