Far Out Flora

Summertime at Olbrich Gardens


Brugmansia in a pot

So we’ve been blogging slackers since moving to Wisconsin. My pregnant hormones started out as sad and weepy, then transitioned to pissed off and angry. I would have been posting things like, “Nice use of way too much ugly red mulch, did you forget the plants?”, “It’s 107 degrees, I think we’ve moved to hell”, “Your lawn ornaments are terrible!” and other crabby things. It wasn’t a pretty time. We’re a fifteen minute walk from Olbrich Botanical Gardens here in Madison and it’s FABULOUS! I love that it’s continuously changing in ways that SF Botanical Garden just couldn’t pull off due to it’s ginormousness and year round need of upkeep. It was looking extra awesome this August. For all our summer Olbrich pics check out this link. If you didn’t hear already our baby is here and a week old today!


Dill and friends



Joe Pye Weed


Euphorbia myrsinites, Donkeytail Spurge

Crazy Container




  1. Please let me know the name of the shrub with hanging yellow flowers in the first picture!
    I just saw them in a hospital and found them very attractive and unique.

  2. I am also growing Angel’s Trumpet this summer. It has the most fragrant flowers, and perfumes my yard after dark. I hope I will successfully be able to overwinter it in my garage. And by the way, congratulations on the new baby…….can you tell us the baby’s name?

    • Good luck! I bet they’d overwinter in the garage just fine. Our neighbors in SF had one that smelled great, but we went with the scent free red version. The new baby’s name is Zoe Aloe :)

  3. Very pretty pictures! I plan to visit our botanical garden on Thursday! I love that you can see a garden and then go tos ee it again and every single time you get to see something different!
    Congratulations on the baby too :))

  4. Welcome to Wisconsin! LOL

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