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Tillandsia funckiana

It’s official, I’m addicted to Instagram. I needed a new stationary hobby to do while feeding Zoe in addition to watching lots and lots of bad tv (she eats a lot). Yesterday we went to Olbrich Botanical Gardens to check out the Bolz Conservatory and get out of the house for a little bit. Tillandsia funckiana is one of our faves and just happened to be blooming like crazy. I linked this top pic to my Instagram pic if you want to find me (they’re also on flickr). I’d love to have more Instagrammers to follow, my user name is faroutmegan & Matti is fofmatti.

Bromeliad Party

Lots of bros were doing their flowery thing at the Conservatory. They have a great assortment of them.

Checking out the Chenille Tree (Acalypha hispida)

Happy Tropicals

What’s this?

Didn’t grab the name of this cool flowered plant. Anyone know what it is?

Autumn Arrangement

I love decorative cabbages and kales… so much so I planted ones you’re supposed to eat out back and only gaze at them with love.



  1. Yay! I love all your IG photos and enjoy following you both! In the Happy Tropicals photo – the plant in the back looks like a Brighamia insignis in flower, yes? So cool! Mine is flowering now too. It’s great seeing it more often! Awesome shot of Matti + stroller checking out Acalypha. I was the same way at the conservatory when the kids were small, although I had to carry ’em because they didn’t allow strollers. Awesome stuff! So glad to be able to catch up on your photos and posts. Miss y’all!

  2. I just zoomed in and it is Brighamia insignis. We were freaking out about that one. Madison’s Conservatory isn’t shabby considering the size of town, but we can’t figure out why there are no Staghorn ferns to be found :) There was an African Violet sale & show going on, too. I’ll post pics of our cool new acquisitions.

  3. Very pretty, I love cabbages too!! They usually are very nice in colour. There is lots of autumn plants around here at the moment, which is very nice :) Cannot wait to see your other photos, keep posting :) And have a nice day!

  4. That Tillandsia funckiana is very cool, another plant I probably can’t grow. If I wasn’t so painfully aware of how Tillandsia-challenged I am, I would be tempted – maybe someday. And that chenille tree is impressive, I didn’t know they got that big. I once thought I wanted the dangle-y purple and yellow flowers, then I learned they have a dormant season. They’re Globba winitii, aka “Dancing Ladies Ginger”. Still cool… Thanks for sharing these.

  5. le bébé ! le bébé ! le bébé !

  6. Hi Megan and Matt, and congratulations on the new baby! I am an editor for a national magazine and would like to use a picture of MAYBECK COTTAGE you posted a couple of years ago as part of a story on the Berkeley area. We can pay a whopping $50 for one time use.

    Could you get in touch with me directly about permission? I’ll also need your full name for the credit line. My deadline is oops, today. Thanks so much.

    Mary Ellen Polson, Senior Editor, Arts & Crafts Homes

  7. I “stumbled” here! Great photos and commentary!!

  8. Hi,
    I’m so in love with your blog, guys.
    Thank you for your beautifull pics.
    I shared your website on my Facebook page : Slowgarden.

  9. The plant w/ the Purple and Yellow hanging flowers is a GLOBBA WINITII

  10. Lovely plant and flowers.Thank you for your beautiful pics,

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