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Please stay off the Liriope


Please stay off the Liriope

We took advantage of one of the last warm days around to catch some late Autumn action at Olbrich Botanical Gardens last week before all the leaves fell. The freeze got a bunch of stuff a couple weeks ago. It was a sad day.

Bridge to Thai Pavilion

Thai Pavilion

Crazy Cabbage

I love ornamental cabbage & kale. Next year I vow to have more of both out back.

What’s this?

I even took a pic of the tag of this plant, but deleted it. Since moving back to Wisconsin my botanical Latin has gone down the tubes. I used to be so good, but it took lots of time to look up every damn plant I took a pic of. I googled that stuff to make sure my spellings were right on, but don’t have the time for that sort of shenanigans anymore. *update, there has been a positive identification of Amsonia hubrichtii by facebook fan George, thanks George!



Matti & Zoe

Shorts and sandals weather last week, not so much this week…


  1. Be sure to visit Olbrich in late winter (after the snow has melted). The blond grasses and red-twig dogwoods are wonderful.

  2. I’m constantly in awe at how wonderful the gardens look all year round and how much they change. Gardening in California was easy :) We’re less than a mile away, so we’ll be spending a lot of time in the Conservatory this winter.

  3. The Gardens at Olbrich are wonderful all year, although I am always amazed at how wonderful they are September through mid-October. The amsonia is one of those hit and miss plants here even just 90 miles north of Olbrich. It may even be a zonal challenge for you. I always think there are spots in Monona and Madison that have a 2-3 degree advantage because of the lakes, isthmus, and concrete. If you like amsonia in the fall, in the spring it has blue flowers.

  4. Love the Liriope sign and those orange things on the canal. Are those just for the fall season or Halloween or are they permanent?

  5. Love those orange sculptures. They look even better now than they did in the summer. One of the great thrills is seeing the Thai Pavilion in the snow since it is the only one in the world located where it snows.

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  7. Amsonia. That is the name of your mystery plant. Blue flowers in the late spring, green pods after, then nice fall foliage.

  8. Great looking plants. Let us know if we can help. Kelp4less

  9. Loved the crazy cabbage! You may want to look at my floral video recently posted. Aren’t flowers grand!?

  10. Lovely photos! The Thai Pavilion is magical…

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