Far Out Flora

California Here We Come


It’s true! We’re moving back to California. You may have noticed we’ve recently been facebooking and instagraming pics from California. We were back in San Francisco with a little side trip down to Monterey & Big Sur, but will be making the official move back from Wisconsin as soon as our lease is up at the end of May.

Since we moved Matti has been working for Flora Grubb Gardens remotely from the frozen tundra doing reporting things that require spreadsheets and other things I don’t understand, but will increase these geeky things in the SF office. I’ll be taking care of the web shop action and have exciting plans for expanding the awesomeness on that front.

Let us know if you just happen to have a spare two bedroom house, in-law or apartment in need of a great garden, that’s available around June and dog friendly. We loved living in Outer Sunset and would happily move back, but are open to many options. We can’t wait to be back!

Here are a few pics from the trip:

Matti next to the Bixby Bridge

Big Sur Spirit Garden

SF Botanical Garden Aloe flower fest

We’re sorry if we missed hanging out with you while we were back. Matti worked a good chunk of the time in SF and I did something unfortunate to my foot that made getting around pretty painful. Combined with a good dose of extreme sleep deprivation, I spent the last part of the trip sitting on a couch in a zombie like state watching trashy tv… Here’s a link to more pics we took on the trip.


  1. Are you sticking to SF? What about Marin or East Bay? CL baby! I’m sure you can find a nice place.

    • I think we’ll stick with SF, or maybe Pacifica, but would rather not have to cross any bridges for commutes. Maybe East Bay if it was really close to BART.

  2. Ahahahaha! I knew you wouldn’t last in icy Wisconsin. And when I saw your road trip I had my suspicions. Stop by for a visit when you head back to SF.

  3. Yeah, ya hoo ! So excited for you all to come back to the bay. Best news of the day on the web. Its so cool you’ll be working for Flora Grubb my favorite store ever. We are excited for your creative energy to be back in the bay. You have the best ideas and your both highly creative and have such great visions who knows what will be next ? The baby is adorable she sure has her daddy’s expressions and eyes. Congratulations on your adventures ahead & praying you find a great house to come home to when you arrive. In no time at all it will have the coolest yard ever.
    let us all know when you have arrived. Celebrate !

  4. Awesome. I missed your blog. I loved coming here to get a glimpse of sunny California, from my home in northern BC Canada. Can’t wait.

  5. Hooray! Welcome home.

  6. i missed your blog too. i don’t really look at instagram or any of that other stuff. we moved from CA to CO and back to CA again. i hate cold. i love succulents. can’t wait to see more pics and i hope you post them on here!!!

  7. So this means we’ll see you guys when the Garden Bloggers Fling parties at Flora Grub in June right? Yay!

  8. Wow, that was quick. Welcome back!

  9. Hooray! I love your blog, and will be excited to see a return to the fog and landscapes of San Francisco (such a good fix for homesick days). Good luck with the move!

  10. By the way, you guys might of left but your blog never really did! Even when you would write about Wisconsin it looked and smelled like the Outer Sunset. lol! Best SF garden blog.

  11. Make up your mind-you are confusing me.

  12. Hi Megan!
    Have you left Wisconsin or are you still here? Sounds like it’s not your favorite place. :>) Your baby is absolutely adorable and brought a tear to my eye, thinking of your Mom and how she would have loved her! She always said she had you so someday she could be a grandma!
    John told me he had run into you quite some time ago – didn’t realize you were only here temporarily! It would be so good to see you! He gave me a note you’d written with the name of your blog but I just couldn’t figure out what it said. Duh! I finally got smart, googled your name and there you were!
    Hope to hear from you! Days spent at your house and with your Mom, both in person and over the phone, were some of the best of my life! What a hoot!

    Karen Currie 608 764-5022

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