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Gardens by Gabriel, Central Coast Gardening God


On the way to Wisconsin: Megan, Kaveh, Gabriel & Matti

Back in late April 2012 we were hanging out on the Central Coast checking out some of the coolest succulent gardens around with Gabriel (Gardens by Gabriel) & Kaveh (Plant Propaganda) on our way back to Wisconsin. We took tons of pics, but haven’t blogged much about our trip back to dairyland. It was too sad for me to look at all the plants I thought I’d never be able to grow again. Now that we’re moving back it’s fun to look at all our pics of plants again.  Big thanks to Kaveh for hooking us up with Gabriel’s totally rad gardens! We’ll be definitely be down for a visit once we’re back. *Not all gardens pictured below are Gabriel’s. The first two are Nick Wilkinson owner of Grow Nursery in Cambria. You guys are both gardening gods!

Beach succulents

I think those octopus like aloes are Aloe vanbalenii, but I’m not sure. I am really, really sure I want one. Here are a few more of my favorite pics from the tour below, but you can check them all out on flickr here.

Dudleya fun


  1. Since you guys left/stopped blogging my days haven’t been filled with enough jealousy over the California gardening lifestyle. This pretty much sends me right over the edge.

  2. Ohai! I remember this. It was so nice seeing you but I was a bit sad you were moving out of California. I knew you would be back one day (I just didn’t think it would be so soon!). Yes those are A. vanballenii. A few of the gardens (the beach side one and the 3 below it) were designed by Nick Wilkinson who owns Grow Nursery in Cambria. I think he is a bigger succulent lover than all of us!
    Come visit us on your way back. We’ll find some new gardens to take you to!

    • Oooops!!!! I was so busy taking pictures and drooling I didn’t even hear about Nick, actually now that you mention it… You’re garden it looking awesome despite the construction. We’ll be down for sure!

      • No worries. I think Gabe and his crew installed them but Nick designed them. They have collaborated quite a bit in the past. The larger more inland garden we visited belongs to his parents.

        I’m quite pleased with my garden despite the destruction. A good designer always looks at a lost garden or a dead plant as a chance to grow something new! Hope you guys find a place with a great yard to garden in when you move back.

  3. These plants and their arrangement are absolutely stunning!! I love succulents and combining them with the beach is simply heavenly idea!!! :)

  4. I absolutely love the garden. The color and detail is amazing. After a trip to Santa Barbara this past summer I started to add succulents to my garden. Your pictures are inspiring.

  5. Misty succulent Shangri-la! I cannot stop looking at these photos … and dreaming.

  6. Succulent beach heaven! Your photos are really incredible. I am so glad you are moving back! How come? Are you tired of the cold! I really want to meet you guys in person.

  7. I love all the plants. I want one of the aloe octopus ones. Never seen it before.

  8. oh my goodness! I am sooo jealous! my yucca bright star are all spotted from the torrential rain storms we keep getting up this way. Thanks for some california plant lusty heaven!

  9. I love the arrangement of the garden. The color, details and the varieties are stand outs. Combine with the beach, it is out of this world.

    The succulents is one that I don’t have yet. I need to get one of that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. A garden like that…by the beach… I am in awe. Simply speechless.

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