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Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Bling


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

I keep finding good pics from our trip back to Wisconsin last May. We hit up almost all of our favorite plant places including The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (it’s all California natives and all awesome). It was foggy when we visited, so the poppies weren’t open. I think that purple-blue plant is Penstemon heterophyllus, but I’m not 100% sure.

Salvia leucophylla

Hurray for California native Salvias!

Salvia spathacea

Just for fun I’ve been checking out Ceanothus varities online, since I want to plant one when we move back. I think ‘Kurt Zadnik’ might be the one. I like this description from Yerba Buena Nursery,“The same species as ‘Carmel Creeper’, this selection differs in having a slightly smaller leaf, brilliant midnight purple flowers, and in that it has not been planted over thousands of acres of the state. ”

Mimulus and more!


Even more Mimulus

Pretty sure this looker is ‘Pamela’ but not 100%. I’ve been starting a list of CA native plants we’re going to need in my head.

Agave shawii

Another cute little reasonably sized agave I’ve always liked.

Phacelia sp.

Hot, hot Heuchera ‘Canyon Delight’

That’s it for now, but did you notice I didn’t include our all time favorite CA native succulent that starts with D? It’s coming soon.


  1. Love your garden pics, how enjoyable. I have two Ceanothus planted by the porch, and I love them. Them provide a lot of enjoyment when they flower.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love CA native plants and will have to visit that place often when I move to SB.

    • Congrats on getting in to UC Santa Barbara!!! We’ll have to come visit. Some of the best horticultural happenings are going on down there and the Motel 6 is relatively cheap :)

  3. Those are beautiful! Giving me ideas for my garden!

  4. Are those blissful photons? I’ve heard about those things.

  5. Wow…those Salvias are astounding!

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