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Dudleyas, Dudleyas, Dudleyas


Dudleya & Lewisia hanging basket

Love the hanging baskets of Dudleya and Lewisia at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. I want it hanging in my backyard. SBBG has one of the best collections of Dudleya around. I want them all.

Dudleya vicida

Dudleya ‘White Sprite’


Dudleya anomala

Hurray for Dudleyas! Get more Dudleya action from our last trip to SBBG here.


  1. Everytime I drive around highway cutouts and see them on the cliffs I think about where I could pull over and get out to snag one! =P

  2. I love the Dudleya & Lewisia photo. I have a soft spot for Lewisia and you have such a gorgeous specimen.

  3. In the first picture, is it Dudleya or Lewisia that has those wonderful flowers? I have never seen anything like it.

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