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Super SF Botanical Garden


Puya alpestris

We couldn’t miss out on the SF Botanical Garden when we were back in town for a visit. I think the Puya alpestris pictured above is blooming right now, so you should go check it out. Check out our blog about the Puya insanity at SFBG last year.

Zoe & the Kniphofias

Zoe loves traveling around in the Ergo. It’s pretty amazing to be able to nurse and walk around looking at plants without anything hanging out.

Aloe busting out of a rock wall

Aloe plicatilis

The CA Native section was starting to get all flowery.



  1. I finally made it there a few days ago after years of lusting after the place based on your blog posts. It was great. I tried to explain to my boyfriend why Lapagerias are awesome but he was not convinced. He did get excited about fragrant rhododendrons and magnolias, though.

  2. hoping for all the best and greatest for your family.

  3. We were there last year after the Puya had bloomed. So nice to see it. What a beautiful place this is. I bet you are happy to be back!

  4. Zoe & the Kniphofias sounds like the name of an 80’s new wave band.

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