Far Out Flora

Pretty Point Lobos


Point Lobos painting

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve was one of our first stops when we hit up the Monterey Bay area during our trip back to California. We normally have Max with us when we’re roadtripping. Dogs aren’t allowed in the reserve, even if they’re just hanging out in the car, so we usually skip it. You can park on the road and walk in if you’re traveling with a dog. It’s just south of Carmel on the way to Big Sur. Check it out if you have the chance.

Point Lobos panorama

Flying baby!


Looking south towards Big Sur

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P.S.  It’s currently 35 degrees in Madison, WI… is this normal? I hate it. We still have a couple of ice chunks in our backyard. I will not miss a majority of WI weather when we move back to California.


  1. Pretty point and the most pretty baby ever!!!

    Love your plants, photos, blog and your lovely baby…


  2. What a beautiful area this is! And Zoe just keeps getting cuter every day! Hurry and move back!

  3. It has been a number of years since I moved from Minnesota to the west coast, and yet every Christmas there is a little bit of sadness in me that misses the snow and the culture that makes all of the small communities pull so tightly together.

  4. Megan
    I just discovered your blog and love it. I found a beautiful strawberry pot filled with succulents on pinterest that led me to you, but was not able to find the link after searching for over an hour. I wanted to know your secret. My strawberry pot washes out–does that make sense? It has succulents but the dirt doesn’t stay. Please help!
    Maureen mph007@yahoo.com

  5. Ahhh, you’ve not moved back yet. I was hoping to see you guys at our party next week on the 19th of May. Looking forward to seeing what sort of garden you put together this time. Do you know where you’ll aim to land this time?

    • Hi Mark,
      We’re not moved back yet, but Matti will be heading west in early June and the rest of us will follow in July. We’re hoping to find a place either in Outer Sunset or Pacifica. I’m leaning towards more for our money in Pacifica, but who knows… I’m sad we’re missing out on your open garden tour. Next year for sure!

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