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Lotsa Love for Lettuce


Lettuce babies

Way back in early April after the snow finally melted on our cinder block raised bed, I planted a bunch of lettuce seeds that were left over from my failed indoor lettuce growing experiment. It’s totally possible and easy to grow greens inside, I’ve done it before successfully. The key is you have to remember to water them. Oops!

Getting bigger

I was convinced the hungry bunnies that ate any type of cabbagey plant in our garden would go after my lettuce babies, but they left them alone. We currently have a wee freshly kicked out of the nest baby bunny living in one of our garden beds that has started chomping on stuff and making me very angry. My poking at it with the tennis ball chucker a few times a day doesn’t seem to bother it enough to find a new spot to hang.

Violas make salads prettier

I wasn’t able to fill up all the cinder block holes with salad, so I threw in some violas. We’re still moving back to California, so I went a little crazy on early season stuff I could get in the ground before the last frost date. Matti’s actually in SF right now looking for a place for us to live and working at Flora Grubb Gardens. Zoe, Max and I will follow in mid-to-late July.

The spinner

Dill, chives and flat leaf parsley, even a wee bit of oregano spice things up. I pick and wash a big batch, throw it in a bag and it’s good for at least a week.

What it looks like now

Heck, it’s probably even more out of control since I haven’t harvested for a few days.

The whole deal

This is embarrassing… all of the left overs have been planted here. The red box is a bunny nightclub. One day everything is fine the next day it looks like they got wasted and rolled around on everything, leaving chunks of fur. They’ve left it alone for awhile now, but I’m hesitant to plant more stuff.

p.s. chain link fences are ugly, but better than no fence


  1. As a child I had a rabbit, and next door lived a cat it was love at first sniff. Seeing your veg box it occurred to me that that looks a lot likes a kitty box. My suggestion would be to change the soil and replant the veg, and put some chicken wire around to stop midnight rolling parties. Leslie M.

    • Interesting, but I’ve never seen any kitties hanging out in our neighborhood. Our rabbit problem would probably be better if there were more of them around though. In SF our neighbor’s kitty used part of our garden as a litter box until we planted some pokey plants :)

  2. I am loving your garden of yummy vegies! And those little wascaly wabbits have got to go! LOL

  3. I grew lettuce indoors during winter and it failed too. As spring came, I planted it in a container on the outside windowsil and they are growing like crazy.
    As for the fence – you could grow some pretty beans or something on it, they would be yummy and would make the fence prettier :)

    • I planted a bunch of peas along the fence… bunnies love peas. A couple plants made it though. Last year I went much crazier with climbing fence plants. Since we’re moving in July I haven’t planted as much.

  4. Bunnies are the bane of my gardening existence….

  5. Hi Megan!

    Just wanted to say how much I absolutely love your blog! I’m a young gardener that has lived at my house in Southern Indiana for a little over 2 years now. I’ve been working on sprucing up my landscaping and gaining more knowledge to gardening dos and don’ts. I’ve found that cacti and succulents are where my heart is, but in Southern Indiana where we have hot summers and pretty cold winters, I’m having trouble incorporating much into my landscaping.

    I’m curious how you adapted to moving back to Wisconsin after you had such a MARVELOUS cacti and succulent collection in California? Don’t you miss them? Were you able to incorporate any into your home in Wisconsin (inside or out)? I dream of living in the West someday just so I can have my dream garden. I can only imagine that’s why you and Matti are moving back!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to see what you guys do once you’re back in Cali. Safe travels!


    • Hi Kelsey,
      Gardening in WI was tough, especially since we rented and didn’t have time to wait around for perennials to establish. That’s why I went the cheapo route with big, flowery annuals. Have you checked out this website for cold hardy succulent inspiration: https://www.simplysucculents.com/online-store I know it’s not the same as all the crazy stuff we can grow in California, but there are a decent amount of cold hardy succulents available. I LOVE semps!

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