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The Gardens at Lake Merritt


The Garden at Lake Merritt

This weekend we headed over to Lake Merritt to check out Fairyland with Zoe. We got there too late, so we ended up visiting the fantastic gardens instead. The Gardens at Lake Merritt include seven acres of gardeny goodness including a bunch of fun themes and it’s totally free! We were too late to get in to the bonsai garden, so we’ll have to go back and check it out soon.

Oh yeah, we’re back in California. We found a cute house to rent in Oakland. What’s up with all the sun and warm weather in these parts? I love it! It would be tough to go back to windy, foggy, beach land. Anyways… here are some shots from our recent visit:

Succulent fun

Loving all the different colors and textures happening.

Is this some sort of Cassia?

Flowery happieness

Asclepias physocarpa

How can you not smile when you see the “Family Jewels” plant?



I think there’s going to be quite a bit more blog action these days. Pretty soon I’ll dust off the good old DSLR again. These iphone pics aren’t the most magical.


  1. Beautiful gardens! Congratulations on being back in the Bay Area!

  2. Woohoo…..your back! Great garden and super shots! The weather has been awesome!

  3. I think over the years you morphed into a California girl. You just didn’t realize it until you came back here and discovered where you were meant to live. Things sound good with you all. Looking forward to seeing what you grow, visit, etc.

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