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Garden for the Soul


Wonderful waterfall

Two weekends ago we took a little break from unpacking our stuff (yeah, it took over three weeks to get our crap) and headed over to garden designer Raul Zumba’s fabulous Garden for the Soul, part of The Garden Conservatory’s Open Days program. I can’t find a website for him, so let me know if there’s one out there I’m missing.

Stairway to Everywhere

Here’s the little blurb from the Garden Conservatory: “Step into Raul Zumba’s garden and you will immediately forget the stresses of daily life. As you explore the garden’s labyrinth of paths you will notice the experimentation with unorthodox plant combinations, colors, and textures. You will also notice that the garden is composed of many elements, some related to gardening, but most stemming from both traditional and nontraditional art. And, like all living things, the garden evolves and changes, currently emphasizing plants that attract wildlife and create a sense of magic. The result of a visit to Raul Zumba’s garden is a feast for the senses and enchantment for the soul.”

Sexy sculpture

It’s pretty insane.

Playing under the Fuchsia boliviana ‘Alba’

Zoe approved the of the mass plantings of Fuchsia boliviana ‘Alba’.

Flying around the garden

Kale and friends

Cool container

Floweryland with a big sphere

Practice walking

Zoe had tons of fun practice walking. Big thanks to Raul for sharing his wonderful garden!


  1. Definitely a feast for the senses and enchantment for the soul … what a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing. It looks like Zoe had a fabulous time.

  2. Oh, man, you’re killin me ! I was in total enchantment mode the last time Rauls garden was on Open Days.(.maybe 2010 ? ) and have been waiting ever since for the return engagement–wouldn’t you know it fell on a weekend that was impossible for me. Damn! It’s great to see your photos , next best thing to being there.

  3. Your garden photos are such fun, I love the art and elements you have placed throughout your garden.

  4. I also visited Raul’s garden that weekend, but all too briefly and without a camera. =(
    Glad you photographed it but sorry I missed you. Isn’t it great?

    Here are the photos I shot there a few years ago:


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