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Pitcher plant festival

Before I went to check out The Pitcher Plant Project’s sweet greenhouse I met up with garden rock star Johanna Silver from Sunset Magazine at Flora Grubb Gardens. We did hard time together in City College’s Plant ID class back in the day. It was actually very fun, but I have to admit I’ve gotten lazy with my botanical Latin these days. I used to religiously take pics of tags and make sure everything was tagged and spelled right on flickr. Now I’m happy if I actually take pictures with the good camera and get them uploaded. Anyways… Matti still works for Flora full-time, and we both run the web shop. Zoe’s starting part-time daycare in September, so I’ll be able to dedicate more time to it. We’re hoping to add some super cool new stuff very soon.

Croton, maybe?

I’ve killed every Codiaeum or Croton (Clarke, help! I’m not totally sure which are which, or what the above is) we’ve brought home. I had no idea that it was in the Euphorbiaceae family until I looked it up a few minutes ago. That explains a lot. They look super cute in these containers.

Succulent crazytown

Flora hires the best succulent composers in town.


Dykia and friends

Dyckia and friends

Another gorgeous composition.

Passiflora on the fence

I kept snapping pics on the way out, including this pretty passiflora on the fence.


The chairs match the bloom above. You can check out all the pics I took at FGG here. Happy Saturday!


  1. Really enjoy your posts….getting virtual coastal influence into hot&dry Placer County!! I hope Zoe enjoys daycare and that maybe it comes with outdoor gar:den time too….I’mstill busy finding containers for and planting the many bulbils off my agave…and homes for the little orphans! Good fortune to you in all your pursuits!

  2. Man those succulent compositions are incredible! Great photos! Hey do you guys have a place for a new garden?

    • We do! We’ve been planting new stuff out back. Luckily the previous tenants set up irrigation. I’m keeping more stuff in pots these days. Especially stuff I know I want to keep. The owner of our house will be retiring and moving back in the next year or two. We’re missing being close to the ocean and SF, too. Thinking we’ll probably move to Pacifica eventually.

  3. Whoa. Just spent some time in Pacific Heights and Berkeley Hills. There are no words…

    • Are you still in the Bay Area?

      • Who, me? The invis gardens in Louisiana. I think it was ‘Out In The Country’, recorded by Three Dog Night, that told me I needed to see the gardens of Berkekey and San Francisco. Roseville, CA, too. Tahoe Pond was interesting.

  4. As I work in the gardening field and I have seen quite some gardens decorated with succulents I am really curious didn’t you happen to see a succulent-based vertical garden, for they are well known to perfectly suit that kind of art, since they require way less watering than other flowers?

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