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Conservatory of Flowers Bloom Action



Medinilla scortechinii (Orange Medinilla)

The Conservatory of Flowers always has a great display of mesmerizing blooms.  It changes every time we visit and my favorite that day was this Medinilla scortechinii (Orange Medinilla).  The flower reminds me of a growing crystalline structure…very cool.

Bro Bloom

The conservatory is broken up into about 5 sections each with it own plant palette.  The Aquatic Plants section complete with indoor pond always has some sweets blooming bros.  Love these Bromeliad flower spikes.

Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant)

Another group of fun plants are their Nepenthes.  This carnivorous plant has forms cups at the end of their leaves.  Take a peek inside these floating cups and you will likely find some insects and other bugs digesting.


Here’s a funky bloom that caught my eye.  NoIDea what sort of plant it is.  The flower was about the size of your fist and the succulent stem reminded me of a Euphorbia.  Anybody have a better idea on the name of this plant?


  1. It’s a Stapelia of some sort, I trashed the pic of the sign…

  2. The NOID is a stapeliad of some kind; I couldn’t tell which one without quite a bit of googling, but that’s pretty definitely what it is.

  3. mr_subjunctive beat me to it, but yeah, it’s in the Stapelia genus to be sure. A carrion-scented flower, to attract flies. Mmm. Derek posted about his blooming recently, over at Plantgasm.

    Love that Medillina! What a gorgeous inflorescence! And the bromeliad flowers… What variety they have! Nice.

  4. annie’s used to carry something with a similar starfish-shaped flower, but it has disappeared not only from my wishlist but also their database, i find when i went to look it up!

  5. Looks to be a Stapelia Grandiflora.

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