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Glass Pumpkin Garden


Last weekend we hit up Cohn-Stone Studios in Richmond for their annual Glass Pumpkin Patch sale. Back before we had ever moved to California I worked for a catalog/website in Wisconsin called The Artful Home that features artists from North America. It was through them that I met Molly Stone via email and phone (their beautiful pumpkins are always on the fall catalog cover). When we moved to San Francisco six years ago I worked as a greeter at one their sales and went home with two plastic bags full of succulent cuttings. I had no idea what any of them were at the time, but that’s how our original SF succulent garden started.

Zoe had tons of fun playing in the gravel and watching the glass blowers.

I think this is Aristolochia elegans, but I’m not 100% sure. Whatever type it is, it’s super cool.

Be sure to follow them on facebook to find out when the next sale is.


  1. Thanks for the photos. I love that they do this. So cool!

  2. I’m still not the biggest fan of “art” in the garden but those pumpkins are pretty cool, especially when put out just for the season.

    (What is it about kids and gravel?)

    • The garden is actually at the glass studio Richmond, so it totally makes sense. People make the pumpkins yards away from the garden area.

      • & water :)
        One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, was a (6-7?) boy’s response to boredom and gravel. I was showing the parents the plants for their new landscape, with the two boys trailing behind. We weren’t paying overly close attention to them, other than that they were within earshot.
        When business was concluded, the one boy expressed his joy at being able to leave by dancing all the gravel out of his sweatpants. He had filled them up completely! :)))))))))))

  3. omg, how big is Zoe !!! she’s not a baby anymore.

  4. Wow that was so awesome! They are so beautiful. I bet they are expensive though. Your photos are brilliant and that little Zoe is so darn cute!

  5. I am a real fan of glass as an art form, the garden art is stunning.

  6. I’m another person who’s not overly convinced on having art in the garden, but these pumpkins look great! Some of them are so lifelike that I would probably just assume that they were real and keep on walking by.

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