Far Out Flora

Beneficial Insect Spotted


It’s smiling

On Halloween we found this cute little lady bug in our garden.

Ladybug on the peas and dill

This spent dill and volunteer pea have created a real life ladybug haven in our garden.


Sunflower ‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’

This sunflower has been covered in aphids for quite some time. There’s a constant stream of ants going up and down farming them. It doesn’t seem to bother the plant too much, and is probably one of the reasons we have our ladybug hang out. It’s an awesome sunflower.

More ladybug action

Here are a few more pics from the garden:

Asclepias curassavica ‘Silky Deep Red’

Marigold ‘Harlequin’





  1. She is so cute and growing up so fast. And the costume is really nice :)

  2. Yay for pollinators and beneficial insects! Not to mention darling Halloween bugs 😉

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  4. What a cool cute bug. American bugs are much bigger than french ones. Everything is oversized in your big country.

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