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Fisherman’s Wharf Flowers


Look over there! Flowers! From probably two months ago… we haven’t been the best at uploading pics in a timely manner and blogging in recent years. I do make real life Shutterfly books of Zoe’s adventures, but I feel bad about the whole not blogging much anymore. Some time back in August/September I took the ferry over to SF on a lovely sunny day and took some pictures. Love the orange Zinnias.

Succulent crab was looking pretty happy.

The dahlias were already starting to mildew out, but looked awesome anyways.


After wandering around Fisherman’s Wharf I headed up some insane steps towards Telegraph Hill and got this nice pic. Hopefully we’ll be blogging a little more these days now that we’re settling in a bit. Here’s a link to an earlier Fisherman Wharf flower posts (they do an awesome job).


  1. I love their colorful plantings! Did you know Charmain was one of the early gardeners out there, when it first opened? Many of the trees and vines she planted are still there.

  2. The last pics is so beautifull ! Your blog is always really nice to read.

  3. I so can’t wait till all our snow is gone and spring has sprung so we can enjoy all those colors again. Thanks!

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