Far Out Flora

Moving Back to SF!


Our new neighbor

We signed a lease and are moving back to San Francisco in mid-June! I never thought we’d be able to move back since it’s nearly impossible to find anyone who will rent to a dog family at a somewhat reasonable price (it is the Bay Area), but we did! We’ve completely ditched the commute costs and time suck, and will be living one block away from Flora Grubb Gardens. Garden wise it’s a blank slate, with a big thumbs up from the landlord to go garden crazy. Here are a few more shots I took the last time I was there for a visit:

Wall of awesome

Zoe in the jungle

Container craziness

We’re really excited to be moving back!


  1. Welcome back to be SF area. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs. So awesome that you will be next to Flora Grubb. :)

  2. That is super great! I am so happy for you!

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