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  1. Hi,

    I came across your website through google search and I am very much interested in advertising my text link in your site.

    If you have any ad spaces available, let me know.

    Eagerly awaiting for reply.

    Susanna dixon.

    • Hey Susanna,

      Thanks for contacting us for ad space on Far Out Flora. We are currently tweaking how we take ads at the moment, and will be up and running shortly. I will contact you once we’re set. Take care.

  2. Hi,

    We supply and deliver wine barrel planters to customers in San Francisco and would love to buy an add on your website.

    Let me know.



  3. Hey… from way out West… Have you ever thought of starting a Garden collective for eatibles??

    would love to talk more about the potential for a Collective Gardners of a new generation… just wonderuing if this would be of interest to you? Lovely Yard you have…

    from – Madtown.

  4. Hi! I love your site… beautiful pix with great info! I’m hoping you can/will give me permission to use one of your photos. I put together an enewsletter for a greenhouse in NC and write a monthly kids corner for each newsletter. The topic this month is creative container gardens and you have some great pix on your site. I’m hoping you will give me permission to use one of them. :) The page they are on is:


    In particular, I would love to use the lunchbox pic, but really any of them will work. I will give you proper credit with a link to your site. Please drop me a line at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you!
    Heather W.

  5. Hi- loved looking through your website and reading your articles. We own American Barn and Wood and have lots of reclaimed barn wood and beams from 1800’s barn. Do you have any fun and creative uses for barn wood?

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  7. Found your wonderful blog Googling Echium wildpretii and recognized your neighborhood from a pic of the back of your house. (Homesick for San Francisco much?)

    I’d love to support you and I don’t have time to blog. Seems only fair to send my folks to kindred spirits for wit and wisdom.

    Plus I sell really weird seeds.

    Mia Myers
    (held in S. California against her will)

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