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Rearranging Rocks

March 8, 2011 by Megan | 18 Comments

Max and succulent containers.

Max and succulent containers.

It’s cleaning day in the garden and Max the Border Collie is always ready to help.  Last summer, Megan cranked out a bunch of succulent containers which we arranged on a homemade bench.  Every time it rains or the wind blows…the neighbor’s big Myoporum laetum tree drops debris on, underneath and in between all these succulent containers.  It was time for a good cleaning.


Succulent bench.

Succulent bench.

BTW, these wooden boards were found way back in the day when we excavated the patio.  There was so much sand in the backyard that we didn’t know where the concrete ended and the potential garden could begin.  After digging out all the extra sand, we kept finding bizarre stuff…a 20 foot plank of wood here, some rebar there, bricks, broken glass, and even some beef shank bones.


Succulent container.

Succulent container.

Here’s one of our favorites of the pots.  Nice hodgepodge of succulent cuttings…Crassula lycopodioides, Sedum rubrotinctum, some sedums, and aeoniums.


Mix and match.

Mix and match.

Now the fun part, rearrangement time.  Also tucked in are a couple of rock containers we spray painted silver which we like to call moon rocks.  BTW, they are not really made of rock…they appear to be some sort of ceramic made to look like a rock.


Max back to helping.

Max back to helping.

Max knows just where to drop his ball, strategically right where I am working.  He does that until we chuck it for him.  Ahh…you got to love a dog’s determination.


Max chasing his ball.

Max chasing his ball.

Amazing how crisp and clean the bench looks AND how quick Max can build up speed.  I know this photo makes him look like he’s doing some business, but he’s actually sprinting for his ball.  Check out more pics on our Flickr.

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Tent Cabin in Big Sur

April 6, 2010 by Megan | 4 Comments

We traveled south this past weekend down old Hwy 1.  After swinging by Succulent Gardens nursery, it was a short drive to one of our favorite places on earth…Big Sur.  Below is just a taste of the 75 mile ultra curvy coastal road that leads you through the belly of Big Sur.

Bixby Creek Bridge

About 30 minutes south of Carmel, you come to Bixby Creek Bridge.  Completed in 1932, Bixby Bridge is the gateway into Big Sur.  There is a hint of wildflowers in the foreground…more on that soon.

Fernwood Office.

We stay at The Fernwood.  Check out the cool green mini roof just above the door.  We love this place.  PROs: Dog Friendly, inexpensive ($75 for tent cabin for 2 people and 1 dog), 25 feet from the Big Sur River, smack in the middle of a bunch of Redwoods, attached to Julia Pfeiffer State Park, you can stay for just one night, on-site bar / grill, live music on Saturdays, etc.  CONs:  some people think it is a little too crowded.  There are plenty of other places to stay if you are not on a budget…and Fernwood gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Our Tent Cabin

Our tent cabin just fits between the bunches o Sequoia sempervirens.  Those Redwood trees are huge!  The other side overlooks the Big Sur River.

Albino Redwood

This place also has an Albino Redwood, no joke.  It’s a freak of nature!

Succulents and Redwoods

One of the old skool RV people planted a succulent garden by their semi-permanent spot.

Such a treat to see my two favorite plants together…moss and succulents.  Those Agave attenuata looked happy.

Max in the River

Plenty of places for Max, the crazy Border Collie, to frolic.  I don’t know who was happier during the trip…Max for getting to swim to his heart content, or us enjoying the peacefulness of one tired puppy.  After our stay in Big Sur, we journeyed onward to the Central Coast.

— Far Out Flora

March 19, 2010
by Megan

Worm Juice

Our two worm composting bins are going strong.  We started the first worm bin about May 2009 and collected some fantastic fertilizer from it this past weekend. Megan pulled the bins apart to get to the worm juice, one of … Continue reading

Cheap Wide Angle Lens

January 16, 2010 by Megan | 0 comments

Matti and I got each other a Nikon D40 for Christmas instead of a bunch of little stuff. It’s takes fabulous pictures. For fun I bought a super cheapo ($30.00) wide-angle lens and it rocks!  This first pic is one I took without the macro part of the lense attached. It’s pretty blurry and has some severe vignetting going on. You can still make out the killer pineapple plant.

Today I figured out if I put the macro and the wide angle on together they take some crazy cool pictures.  There’s a bee in the blooming rosemary.

Succulent Row

Here’s a funky shot of one side of the garden (the most crowded and established side). It happens to get the most sun too.

Max doesn’t really like plants very much. They distract us from throwing him his tennis ball. He likes to ditch his ball under the shopping cart of plants to get attention.

It’s the backyard in all of its glory!  We don’t have a lot of before pictures which is kind of sad. We do have some documentation of the Mattress Vine Massacre from several months back. Matti was almost eaten by the giant vine from hell. This new lens is pretty sweet. I’m a fan of Holgas and other lomography plastic cameras, so I’m happy to have found something that replicates the look.