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Cool Container Town

January 20, 2015 by Megan Speckmann | 6 Comments

Containerville on the deck

It’s been a super long time since I’ve blogged, but we’re trying to get back in action again. After losing the battery charger for our DSLR camera for six months it was miraculously found and I took some pics of the backyard recently including the deck. When you are fortunate enough to work for a very nice garden center, sometimes pots get chipped or otherwise compromised in transit. That means employees get to take them home or they go in the trash. None of our pots are perfect with the exception of the terracotta pots are all cool hand-me-downs. All of the others have chips, cracks and other “issues”. Many of the filler plants are rescues from the plant hospital at Flora Grubb Gardens.

Cussonia spicata & friends

I have never loved a weird tree so much. This is our bathroom window. One night I was having beverages at Flora Grubb Gardens and decided Cussonia spicata was the perfect plant for the bathroom screening container. I can’t believe how huge it’s grown so quickly. I’ve always loved the scent of Pelargonium tomentosum and finally planted one in the turquoise container.

Greenovia aurea

I’m not 100% this is Greenovia aurea. Our plant geek friend Derek of Plantgasm moved to Oregon and we inherited a bunch of his fabulous plants including this one. So darn cute.

I’m a Euphorbiaholic. I can never have enough. That cool cresty Graptopetalum paraguayense in the background is also from Derek. I think it may have been one of our original La Playa Garden plants. We got quite a few of our old succulents back, which was really cool.


I can’t remember the name of the tall reddish guy in there, but I like it. Can anyone help me out?

African Blue Basil Bloom

A few months back I planted this guy and it just keeps blooming and blooming and blooming. The bees love it.

Othonna sp.

Love this cute thing I grabbed from the hospital at Flora Grubb Gardens. It’s been blooming like crazy this fall and winter. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from us more often here.

Sprucing up Shiny

December 7, 2011 by Matti | 11 Comments

Shiny Succulent Container - Nov 27, 2011

Shiny Succulent Container - Nov 27, 2011

A tad past two years ago, I found this shiny object which I jammed packed with a ton O succulent cuttings. Well, it’s been way over due for a little sprucing up. Above is the result. Check out the side by side at the end.

Shiny Succulent Container - Nov 2009

Shiny Succulent Container - Nov 2009

Here’s how it looked 2 years ago…it’s really more if a game of survivor. Cruising the Mission hood for funky stuff, I found this UFC (Unidentified Found Container. 35 cuttings from our backyard later, it was filled with hope, dreams, and promise. Our Thrift Store Succulent Storage post tells more of the story.

Shiny Succulent Container - Nov 27, 2011

Shiny Succulent Container - Nov 27, 2011

Why did it need a replanting? Well, rarely do plants look superb forever, unless you’re using plastic. Here’s a recent pic how it’s been looking. That’s what a year of total neglect looks like. Shocking anything is still alive.

The cool thing is that I have a better idea which of these succulents can handle a some stress. Taking a peek above, looks like the tough guys are a couple of aeoniums, some Sedum rebrotinctum, a sempervivum, Crassula tetragona, and some other crassula & sedum.

Feb 2010ish on Left -- Nov 2011is on the Right

Feb 2010 on Left -- Nov 2011 on the Right

Check out this before and after (clicking our pics make them big). There’s about an 18 months span from left to right. Game on, let’s see which will endure thru 2012.

— Far Out Flora

More Mendocino Flower Madness

August 6, 2011 by Megan Speckmann | 10 Comments

Brugmansia love

If my last post about the bloomiferous Mendocino Gardens didn’t make you want to jump in the car and go, this post is should do it. It’s just pictures of the amazing gardens in town. I’m obsessed with Brugmansia sanguinea, and may have squealed when I saw this one covered in blooms. We’ve got a baby who’s about four feet tall in the garden. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it looks this good when it’s all grown up.

Alan, Roxy & Scooter's Garden

According to the posted piece of paper about the garden there are over fifty varieties going on here and the peak time to check it out is mid-to-late May. I keep having to remind myself that we should be able to grow all the same plants out here next to Ocean Beach. Same wind, salt, and fog.

Pelargonium lust

I want this Pelargonium. Does anyone know what it is? It kind of looks like ‘Lord Bute’ gone all ruffly.

Cottage garden explosion

You pretty much walk twenty feet in any direction in the town of Mendocino and there are flowers in all shapes and sizes going crazy. It’s seriously garden heaven.


Echium forest

We definitely need to plan a trip up here in spring when the mega-Echiums all over town are going off, but these fading guys were still pretty sweet.

Foxy Phygelius

Lychnis something

Not sure what this is exactly, but love the deep pinky red going on with the grey green stems.

Cute windowbox

Mendocino Garden Shop

We couldn’t resist stopping at the Mendocino Garden Shop on our way out of town. You can see it from the Mendocino exit to town on the way in and out. The display gardens were going nuts.

Mendocino Garden Shop

Check out the Verbascum bombyciferum ‘Arctic Summer‘ on the right looking cool. Penstemons were blooming en masse pretty much everywhere. I went a little picture crazy, but there are way more pics of the flowery town o’ Mendocino on flickr.

p.s. We’re still in the process of getting our crap where it needs to go after the move seven steps east to the way nicer apartment overlooking our garden. Pics of the new houseplant set up, our new bamboo floors and views of the garden from above will be coming soon. There’s also going to be an open one bedroom if you’ve ever wanted to live next to Ocean Beach & Golden Gate Park.