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Oakland Gardens Part II (Floradoraland)

October 29, 2013 by Megan Speckmann | 2 Comments

Aloe marlothii looking huge

Matti and I walked over to Floradora’s former house to check out her super rad garden from the past. I pretty much freaked when I saw this Aloe marlothii while walking Zoe and Max earlier. It’s only two or three blocks away. Kelly (Floradora) immediately identified this guy via instagram as her old place and plant. It looked kind of big in my instagram pic of it, and a little more big above… but check out the pic below.

It’s HUGE!

It’s so crazy huge someone needs to stand next to it to see how crazy huge it really is. Kelly brought this home as a wee little four incher from Annie’s many a years ago, kept it inside for a bit and then let it go all awesome in front of her house.

Salvia canariensis var. candissima

I was excited to see a full grown Salvia canariensis var. candissima looking happy. We planted one back in July that’s looking good.

Fig, Cussonia and friends

Euphorbia & friends

Agave attenuata & friends

p.s. Check out this link for tons of sweet blog posts from the 2013 SF Garden Bloggers Fling that Kelly put together. They went to all the cool garden spots in the Bay Area.

All kinds of awesome crazy

This garden is only a block away or so. I think it might be one of Floradora’s designs, but I’m not sure.  Love all that hot pink and silver action.

Looking back

Here’s another fantastic garden next to the previous that I think Floradora may have designed. I have to admit that there are many crappy front gardens in our parts, but there are a few good ones sprinkled around. Check out this link if you missed out on part one of the neighborhood tour.

Holy Hipstamatic Garden

September 25, 2011 by Megan Speckmann | 6 Comments

Fuchsia 'Fanfare' & Friends

A couple weeks ago I went a little crazy with the Hipstamatic app combined with the AutoStitch app out back. Matti’s the king of this technique, since I’m often bogarding the DSLR.  I’m loving the trippy pics this combo produces. It’s super easy, too! Makes the garden look all magical & stuff.

Plectranthus neochilus & Aeonium Fun


Pretty Aloe plicatilis

Succulent Craziness

Scary Skeleton

Succulent Wagon

Euphorbia & Aeonium Love

Begonia luxurians Loveliness

Echeveria shaviana & Friends



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