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Flora Grubb Goodness

August 17, 2013 by Megan Speckmann | 7 Comments

Pitcher plant festival

Before I went to check out The Pitcher Plant Project’s sweet greenhouse I met up with garden rock star Johanna Silver from Sunset Magazine at Flora Grubb Gardens. We did hard time together in City College’s Plant ID class back in the day. It was actually very fun, but I have to admit I’ve gotten lazy with my botanical Latin these days. I used to religiously take pics of tags and make sure everything was tagged and spelled right on flickr. Now I’m happy if I actually take pictures with the good camera and get them uploaded. Anyways… Matti still works for Flora full-time, and we both run the web shop. Zoe’s starting part-time daycare in September, so I’ll be able to dedicate more time to it. We’re hoping to add some super cool new stuff very soon.

Croton, maybe?

I’ve killed every Codiaeum or Croton (Clarke, help! I’m not totally sure which are which, or what the above is) we’ve brought home. I had no idea that it was in the Euphorbiaceae family until I looked it up a few minutes ago. That explains a lot. They look super cute in these containers.

Succulent crazytown

Flora hires the best succulent composers in town.


Dykia and friends

Dyckia and friends

Another gorgeous composition.

Passiflora on the fence

I kept snapping pics on the way out, including this pretty passiflora on the fence.


The chairs match the bloom above. You can check out all the pics I took at FGG here. Happy Saturday!

Sunny San Francisco

March 14, 2013 by Megan Speckmann | 2 Comments

We flew in over the city

Flying with an almost six month old was nerve-racking, but Zoe was great. No crying and lots of sleeping. Ripping up and trying to eat the Skymall magazine provided lots of entertainment. Our flight to SF arrived 30 minutes EARLY and we flew in down the coast over Marin and then over the city. Our old apartment is pretty much below the plane in this pic. The golden gate bridge is peeking out at the top of the pic. To top it off our luggage popped out in less than five minutes.

Flora’s Edsel

Our first stop was Flora Grubb Gardens, which is looking amazing as always. Did you know that the Edsel was in this spot before Flora?

Bro poles

Love the new vertical bromeliad hangout. Matti needs to build us a plant pole for our new epiphyte collection when we move back.

Java Beach

Before we hit the road for Pacific Grove we stopped at Java Beach for our favorite sandwich. We left our big camera at home, so we only have phone pics. We’re both still instagraming like crazy at faroutmegan & fofmatti

Getting Festive With Flora

November 24, 2012 by Megan Speckmann | 7 Comments

Garden Gnomes

It just dawned on us that we haven’t told anyone what the heck we do in Wisconsin and it’s Small Business Saturday. The fabulous Flora Grubb gave us the opportunity to run her really cool Web Shop from Madison when she heard the news we were moving back to Wisconsin. We use our UW-Madison art degrees to hand craft rockin’ Aeriums, in addition to packing and shipping all online orders. Our  house here in Wisconsin has a big finished basement where all the magic happens. Matti also continues to do reporting and other special projects for Flora.

Matti & The Moby

The best part, we get to hang out with Zoe all day! Check out Flora’s Web Shop, there’s tons of fun holiday stuff happening along with a bunch of super cool new products.

She’s getting big!

Thigmotrope Vertical Garden

November 9, 2011 by Matti | 8 Comments

Flora Grubb Vertical Wall

Flora Grubb Living Wall

Flora Grubb Gardens updated the look of their impressive woolly pocket wall last week.  You can see how it looked last spring above. It’s always good to freshen things up.  Their new transformation is pretty sweet…vertical garden on one side and Thigmotropes on the other.  Thigmotrope?  It’s their clever new way to mount Tillandsias on your wall.

Setting up the wall

Setting up the wall

I was without the good camera so I busted out the iPhone. Dead center is where that original wall garden hung. Here you can see them fork lifting the bones for the new wall garden into place…detail below.

New Wall Set up

New Wall Set up

Filling in the Verical Wall

Filling in the Garden Wall

After getting the bones in place, some of the Flora Grubb gurus got to work planting the shady side reusing the woolly pocket planters from the original hanging wall.

Filling in the garden wall

Filling in the garden wall

Shady side complete

Shady side in progress

Man, it’s a treat to watch pros at work. Lots of Philodendrons and ferns were incorporated taking advantage of the lack of direct sunlight.

Vertical wall Complete

Living Garden Complete

More or less…the woolly pocket wall was finished. How keen of them to build a window in the middle.

Front of the new vertical wall

Front of the new installation

Okay, here’s where it get even cooler. On the front of the structure, they inaugurated their newly released Thigmotrope Satellite. These metal guys are a fun way to display your Tillandsias on the wall. Good news for those of us who are running out of flat space in our homes.  BTW, Tillandsias (aka Air Plants) are a great plant for those that have challenges keeping plants alive.

Thigmotropes installed with Tillandsias

Thigmotropes installed with Tillandsias

I promised to bring the good camera with me soon to Flora Grubb to get some better pics.  Seeing it completed…all I can say is the Thigmotrope rocks!  Great work guys.

— Far Out Flora

April 2, 2011
by Megan

Destination Flora Grubb

If ever in SF, you gotta get over to Flora Grubb aka Bay Area’s garden destination.  Always lots of grade A plants and some awesome garden art such as this Old Ford Edsel planted with a ton of bros and … Continue reading