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Loving Living Green Design

June 24, 2014 by Megan Speckmann | 1 Comment

Vertical coolness

A couple days ago I took Zoe out in her plastic red car for a ride around the neighborhood that included a stop at Living Green Design. There are a bunch of crazy showrooms in one place with tons of cool things to look at. If you’re in the neighborhood definitely check it out. Next time I’ll bust out the good camera when I walk over. It’s ridiculously close to the new SF place.

Barnacle bowl of craziness


Sunset Celebration garden tucked away


Badass Bromeliad Society Tour

July 19, 2013 by Megan Speckmann | 5 Comments


Bromeliads gone wild

Last weekend we hit up the SF Bromeliad Society’s super rad garden tour AND busted out the good old DSLR for the first time in almost a year. All the tour gardens were AMAZING! Brian Ransom’s garden pictured above and a whole bunch of pics below was my fave of the fab bunch. Anyone who mixes succulents, CA natives and bros rocks.

Brian’s garden

Zoe & Matti getting up close

Brian’s garden

Thunbergia & Tillandsia buddies on the fence

Seriously? How great is this?

Stags and more

The second garden we visited was by Armin Lindegger and Patrick Aaron. Love this vertical combo with the stags.

Babies like gardens!

Zoe was a good little trooper as we (mostly Matti) carried her all over the upper Market Street neighborhood. Check out those beautiful tree ferns in the background!

Anigozanthos love

Anigozanthos love

Hot tub garden

The last garden we visited was Richard Wigen’s. I wish I had a hot tub across from a big pile of awesome potted plants. Check out the trunk on that Aloe plicatilis!

Matti & Zoe hiding in the Senecio cristobalensis on the right

Musschia wollastonii maybe

Musschia wollastonii maybe

Can anyone confirm the ID on this guy about to burst with blooms? Looks like Muschia wollastonii to me.

Pretty path

Pretty path

Kniphofia, Verbena bonariensis, a ginormo Aloe plicatilis plus a bunch of other good stuff makes a gorgeous path. Zoe turned in to a pumpkin by the time the potluck started, so we missed out on the very last garden. It’s great to be back in California, surrounded by crazy awesome gardens filled with plants that most of the country can only grow as annuals or houseplants. Check out this link for all the sweet pics we took during the trip.

Thigmotrope Vertical Garden

November 9, 2011 by Matti | 8 Comments

Flora Grubb Vertical Wall

Flora Grubb Living Wall

Flora Grubb Gardens updated the look of their impressive woolly pocket wall last week.  You can see how it looked last spring above. It’s always good to freshen things up.  Their new transformation is pretty sweet…vertical garden on one side and Thigmotropes on the other.  Thigmotrope?  It’s their clever new way to mount Tillandsias on your wall.

Setting up the wall

Setting up the wall

I was without the good camera so I busted out the iPhone. Dead center is where that original wall garden hung. Here you can see them fork lifting the bones for the new wall garden into place…detail below.

New Wall Set up

New Wall Set up

Filling in the Verical Wall

Filling in the Garden Wall

After getting the bones in place, some of the Flora Grubb gurus got to work planting the shady side reusing the woolly pocket planters from the original hanging wall.

Filling in the garden wall

Filling in the garden wall

Shady side complete

Shady side in progress

Man, it’s a treat to watch pros at work. Lots of Philodendrons and ferns were incorporated taking advantage of the lack of direct sunlight.

Vertical wall Complete

Living Garden Complete

More or less…the woolly pocket wall was finished. How keen of them to build a window in the middle.

Front of the new vertical wall

Front of the new installation

Okay, here’s where it get even cooler. On the front of the structure, they inaugurated their newly released Thigmotrope Satellite. These metal guys are a fun way to display your Tillandsias on the wall. Good news for those of us who are running out of flat space in our homes.  BTW, Tillandsias (aka Air Plants) are a great plant for those that have challenges keeping plants alive.

Thigmotropes installed with Tillandsias

Thigmotropes installed with Tillandsias

I promised to bring the good camera with me soon to Flora Grubb to get some better pics.  Seeing it completed…all I can say is the Thigmotrope rocks!  Great work guys.

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August 9, 2010
by Megan

Succulence: Life and Garden

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