Far Out Flora

Max the Border Collie

Max in the Garden.

Max in the Garden.

Max chilling on the cliffs of Fort Funston.

Max chilling on the cliffs of Fort Funston.

Max & Succulent containers

Max & Cricket

Max and his ball

Central Coast

Tennis Ball Freak

The Cliff House

The Girlfriends:

Marley is his big girlfriend

Maddie his little girlfriend

Max is our seven year old border collie we rescued from the Dane County Humane Society in Madison, Wisconsin. He might be mixed with a little non-border collie, but we haven’t been able to figure out what it could be. Max loves chasing his tennis ball and playing hide and go seek at Fort Funston (doggie heaven). He does not enjoy skateboards or remote control cars. Fireworks and gunshots piss him off too.

Check him out chasing raindrops at Ocean Beach:

Raindrop chasing down the road at Fort Funston:

(OMG, from 11/07 Matti’s gotten much smaller)

Santa Cruz probably 2007ish:


  1. What about Springer Spaniel? They have spots on the front legs like Max does. Whatever the mix is, the one floppy ear and one perky ear is just about as cute as it gets.

    • Those spots on his front legs (as well as his nose) is a trait/gene that is seen in Border Collies as well; it is called “ticking”. Although everyone is familiar with the typical fluffy (rough coat) border collie that is white and black– they come in a LARGE variety of coat types and patterns/markings.

      My border collie has ticking on the front of his legs, and on his under belly, too. He is smooth coated and isn’t “fluffy” by any means. He is tri-color as well, so he has shades of tan patterned in with the white and black too. (tan eyebrows, so cute)

      Max looks straight-up full blown border collie to me. :) CUTE!

      • Awesome! I do sometimes think he has a smidge of husky in him. He’s always drawn to them at the dog park, when he could usually care less about other dogs.

  2. Maybe. We do know that he has the Border Collie stare, but who knows the other. Matti

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  6. i love that max has his one section of your website :)
    miss you guys!

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  10. Uh…how cute is Max?!! I’m with Molly, I love that he has his own section. High five for dog people!

  11. Wow! Love your blog! I so enjoy taking my two labs to Arroyo Verde park this time of year. The wildflowers are amazing. I have never seen the yellow lupine. :) sweet! Got some great info here today. I too am enjoying my worm composter and got some great fertilizer from it-my garden is sooo happy! Hopefully we will make it north sometime soon and we can catch up! Enjoy the spring weather….

    • Awesome comments Michelle. Yeah, would love to catch up. Do you freeze your food before feeding it to your worms? Freezing the veggies gets a head start on breaking down the cells, which means easier for the worms to get to the stuff they need. Matti

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  24. I had a smooth coated border collie who looked very very much like Max. We loved her to bits – she was the best dog I ever had. Except for my current dog of course! He’s a standard sized rat terrier, very elegant with long legs and a narrow waist, super smart, and also hyper! I’d have another border collie in a heartbeat. Enjoy your special dog!

  25. BC mix maybe.

    • Yeah, its challenging to tell since he was a rescue. He has BC markings and has the stare. Best ID we’ve been given is from a mutual friend who used to work with BCs in Ireland and he thought he probably is a short coat border collie…sometimes called sleek or flat coat. We just need to find him a sheep farm fantasy camp. Matti

  26. Max is adorable – and so photogenic! I bet he’s been a fun addition to your life. We have two dogs – a spaniel mix and a westie. They keep us on our toes most of the time. Thanks for sharing about Max!

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  28. LOVE IT! Hey, what are you using for a lawn? It looks nice and seems to handle doggy traffic well too.

    • This year, we reseeded with a high percentage of perennial rye grass, low percentage of tall fescue. P. Rye grass germinates fast here, and supposed to be more drought tolerant. This past summer, we had available some sod from a project that we helped with at Indie Mart. They were going to toss it, but we took it…watered it for a while. 50% of it died….because we don’t get rain in the summer…and we only watered minimally. But I think it gave the lawn area (which is mostly sandy loam) some good foundation. We’re not over excited as the gophers will be back in about 6-8 weeks. Matti

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  30. ahhhh!!! we used to have a border collie when i was akid. they are the best dogs ever. if you guys are in SF you should come to our wedding group meetup this week!

  31. Max looks like he might have a little Australian Cattle Dog in him. Is he a jumper?

    • Hard to say as was adopted him back in WI. We’ve been told by people that he’s probably a short coat border collie. He does have the stare, but doesn’t jump much. Matti

  32. Love your website, your ideas are fantastic and I love your dog chasing raindrops! Wish I could go to see the places you talk about but we are up in the cold cold north, Canada to be precise, but it’s lovely to see how other people live and what plants they do things with!

    • Max always draws a crowd at the beach when it is raining. It’s challenging to capture it with the iPhone… And so cool to see in person.

      We can empathize as we came from Wisconsin, lots of cold extremes there too.

  33. Hello – I just came across your site and immediately noticed your dog! I adopted my dog,Pepper, from a shelter and she looks so much like Max! I don’t know what her mix is but people always think she is a Border Collie or an Australian Cattle Dog. Either way – as I can see you agree – they are GREAT dogs! I have pics of Pepper on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/woodsybond/?hide_photostream_welcome=1) if you want to take a look. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  34. While I enjoy your BC photos, I’m sitting here with my BCs, Dixie and Snap. I agree with Megan. That curved tale looks like cattle dog/heeler. If so, you have an amazing, intense dog. We have to spell around our borders, and are afraid if we don’t whisper, they’ll learn to spell too!!


    that is quite the excellent “downward dog”
    (as good as my kitten does)

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  38. Border collie, succulents and San Francisco. Sooo jealous, you have it all!

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