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Driftwood Insanity in the Sunset


Succulent driftwood container of happiness

About two years ago I blogged about this rock star of a garden in Outer Sunset. While walking the dog a couple weeks ago I ran in to it again and  it’s gotten better with age. Whoever created this work of garden awesomeness rocks! It’s on 44th avenue around Pacheco maybe (I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure it’s south of Noriega).

Aeonium nobile

Succulents on the street

Ceanothus and super sweet fence

The fence was still a work in progress last time we visited, but we knew it was going to turn out amazing. Now I want to copy it. Looks like they used bits of reclaimed wood mixed in with driftwood. Hurray for Ceanothus bloom time!

The border

Sexy Salvia africana-lutea

My all time favorite Salvia. It’s gotta be the orangey-rust blooms. Now I know I planted ours in a ridiculous spot seeing how big they get. Ooops. I seem to have a problem with size denial… “It won’t really get THAT big”.

More happy border

Driftwoody container

This place is definitely worth swinging by if you’re in the neighborhood. Be sure to check out the best succulent garden on the Great Highway while you’re at it.


  1. I have flora-envy!

  2. A must see !
    thanks for introducing us to this wonderful neighborhood garden.

    • It’s a good one! So few people out here have any space to plant anything in front of their houses, and the ones that do usually don’t do very much.

  3. An artist definitely lives in that house. How fun, economical and succulently delicious…glad you had your camera along for your dogwalk!

  4. OMG that Salvia africana-lutea is to die for. I really need one of those. And that Lotus is crazy. I love stumbling upon great gardens like that. It makes me wish I was more artistic as far as incorporating art and sculpture into my garden.

  5. Wow I love this post! Super container’s made with driftwood!

    • Mmmm blueberries and netrcaines, fabulous! I made a white peach and blueberry cobbler for 4th of July, and your French toast reminded me of that. It looks wonderful. Glad to see your hens are laying again. I see you have a thing for scarlet runner beans too ours have crawled off the top of the pole, and are now winding around each other for support.

  6. beautiful…….

  7. Wow. thank you for posting me on Far Out Flora. Its sooo nice to know that my little labor of effortless love brings a smile to others when they pass my garden. All the driftwood is from SF beaches, collected during my beachcombing with my dogpals at SF Beaches (where my dogpals can run off leash, of course!).

    It definitely always is a work in progress and thats how i love it. It feels so alive that way.
    The hardest thing to deal with all the succulent theft that occurs. In deep sadness i recently put a rock tombstone where a thief stole a favorite succulent, “Tomb of the Stolen Succulent”. a week later i some one left a beautiful jade pland near the gravesite. I was touched with the kindness. Like flowers on the gravesite.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hurray!!!!! I’m so excited you saw the post. You’ve done a fabulous job with your garden. I seriously freaked out when I walked by recently. So sorry to hear that you’ve been succulent rustled. We only have a tiny little planter out front, but have had all of our graptopetalums snipped in the night as well. We’d love to give you some cuttings from our succulent forest out back. Thanks so much for commenting, it made my night!

  8. I got to stay there recently for about 3 weeks so I got to see Isabel in action. It was such a true inspiration to witness her rhythm and flow with the garden. These are the kind of things that make a neighborhood great. Yes, artists definitely live there!

    • I had the great pleasure and honor of witnessing Isabel’s magical garden evolve over the years. She took care of my old dog Molly for many years and I always looked forward to dropping Molly off so I could see what w
      as new. So happy to hear others apreciate and get her magic!

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  10. Driftwood insanity is the best kind of insanity to have! :)

  11. Cool site.very lucky to grow in a frost free clime that is not 125* and tanks driving around all day

  12. This is beyond awesome! Looove it!!

  13. Hello! I just discovered your blog through Apartment Therapy. So cool! I’m a succulent lover, too. I was going to ask if you had visited Succulent Gardens in Castroville, but I saw you posted about it! They had a “succulent extravaganza” event in September that was fun. I bought some really interesting ones. Here’s my blog post about it: http://vitaminihandmade.blogspot.com/2011/10/succulent-extravaganza.html
    I put your blog in my reader, I’m excited to browse through your posts. :)

  14. I freaking love the combo of driftwood and succulents. This garden is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    • wow. lake Superior. Iwonder what the driftwood will looklike from a salt free lake? Sounds like it gets awesomely weatherized from everything (COLD temps, snow,etc etc) except salt. I recall the narled wood i would see in the high mountains! My little fencing is very simple and easy to move. I do 2 to 3 ft pieces and then just stake each piece into the sand (we live on sand dunes!) flush against the cement sidewalk. Anytime i wanna remove fencing or replace it or whatever i just grab and lift. Its soo easy to remove for repairs or for adding, subtracting anything. My main reason for having a little “baby plant gate” around all the plants ? two words: male dog pee burns plants, distroys small plants , they never grow up to be big plants. My goal is to some day not have a fence there, but until the plants get big enough to withstand dog pee sprayings…the fence stays. Its a nice way to while away the months and years of plants growing up until they are taller than most large dogs.

  15. I absolutely LOVE that fence! I definitely think I’m going to spend my summer scouring the shores up here on Lake Superior for some awesome driftwood pieces! Thanks for the awesome inspiration pics :)

  16. What a great idea and so beautiful. Driftwood and succulents seem to belong together. Sorry to hear about the thefts, but keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the theft condolencese. Its heartbreaking. I am learning which ones the thieves like to take and am not growing those for them out in grabbing view. One day i will catch the thief. I am hoping tomake some signs on stuff that asks people to ask for a cutting instead of stealing.

  17. Go Isabel – all us daring enough to put our succulents in the public realm must stand together :) If you ever need cuttings I always have some extras – Keep up the great work! The neighborhood appreciates it! :)

  18. Thanks for the succulent cutting offer. Watcha got? My garden morphs into what i end up purchasing, propagating and what i sense doesn’t get stolen by “El Bandido de los Outer Lands succulents” .

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  20. Driftwood insanity garden has been torn apart on side of house due to needing to do construction of house. A whole new garden will be emerging through the months (I hope) . Planted new Salvia Africana .Very hard and sad to have had to chop down my Manzanitas and succulent boxes (2 of em!!) just when EVERYTHING was blooming and vibrant. A fresh garden palat!

  21. Love, love this fence idea and succulent garden. Thanks for sharing! :)

  22. 44th & Rivera

  23. Totally Awesome

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